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The 100 Girlfriends Season 2 Karane
Anime News

The 100 Girlfriends Anime Is Renewed for a Second Season

26 Dec 2023
100 Girlfriends Season 2 Confirmed

100 Girlfriends Season 2 Confirmed: Everything We Know So Far

20 Dec 2023
Kaguya-sama 100 Girlfriends Kaguya Shinomiya
Anime News

Kaguya-sama’s Akasaka Wants to Work on 100 Girlfriends

15 Dec 2023
why is pochita hero of hell so strong chainsaw man

Why Is Pochita the Hero of Hell So Strong in Chainsaw Man? Powers and Abilities Explained

17 Jul 2024
is nayuta dead chainsaw man ch 170 denji

Is Nayuta Dead in Chainsaw Man? What Chapter 170's Horrifying Twist Could Mean for Denji

03 Jul 2024
chainsaw man ch 167 nsfw denji

Chainsaw Man’s NSFW Chapter 167 Might Be Most Unhinged in Shonen Jump History

05 Jun 2024
blue lock season 2 cast yoichi isagi

Blue Lock Season 2 Cast: All Confirmed New and Returning Characters

04 Jun 2024
blue lock prequel novel barou

Blue Lock: Before the Fight Prequel Novel Set to Release in July

16 May 2024
where to buy blue lock limited edition seiko watches yoichi

Where to Buy the Limited Edition Blue Lock Seiko Watch: Price Details Revealed

29 Apr 2024
how to buy attack on titan musical tickets eren

Attack on Titan Musical Is Coming to the US in October: How to Buy Tickets and Show Dates Detailed

31 May 2024
hajime isayama new manga eren

Attack on Titan’s Hajime Isayama Working on New Manga Project with Eren VA

03 Apr 2024
Attack on Titan Wedding Levi
Anime News

Attack on Titan Unveils Fancy Event Collab With Wedding Company

17 Jan 2024
who dies demon slayer infinity castle tanjiro

Who Dies and Who Survives in Demon Slayer's Infinity Castle Arc? Death Toll Revealed

01 Jul 2024
did muzan kill kagaya ubuyashiki demon slayer

Did Muzan Kill Kagaya Ubuyashiki in Demon Slayer? S4 Ep 8's Horrifying Ending Explained

01 Jul 2024
demon slayer infinity castle trilogy release date tanjiro

Demon Slayer Infinity Castle Release Date: When Will the Final Movie Trilogy Come Out?

01 Jul 2024