Blue Lock: Episode Nagi Spinoff Film Gets First Trailer and Visual

Blue Lock: Episode Nagi Seishiro Nagi

Blue Lock: Episode Nagi Seishiro Nagi

Blue Lock is an unusual sports anime as it’s more of a thriller and far less realistic than titles like Slam Dunk. But that’s the reason it became such a big hit, enough that the Blue Lock: Episode Nagi spinoff film was announced, and it now has a new trailer and visual.

This upcoming movie was initially announced back in March following the end of the first season’s final episode.

Aside from the movie, there are two other big projects for the series – that’s not even counting the manga.

Blue Lock Anime Will Continue in Three Projects

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Blue Lock premiered in October 2022, and while it may have been overshadowed by other shows early into its run, it quickly got a lot of attention. This is thanks in part to its unusual style as well as the World Cup.

Unlike other sports anime such as Haikyuu!! which are set in school, Blue Lock has a more “out there” premise where Japan’s best football players are locked up in a facility as part of an unusual program.

The goal of the program is to find Japan’s best striker for the World Cup.

What made this a huge trend is that the series aired alongside the 2022 World Cup, which saw Japan get unlikely victories against major teams.

Thanks to its popularity, the series got a bunch of projects announced following its first season.

Aside from being renewed for a second season, an anime film was also announced that covers the manga spinoff.

On top of these, a Blue Lock stage play was also announced, with the first run happening in May 2023.

Soon, it was also confirmed that a second stage play will happen in January 2024.

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Blue Lock: Episode Nagi Anime Film Finally Has a Trailer

It has been months now since the film’s reveal, and finally, the first trailer for Blue Lock: Episode Nagi was shared online. While it’s a fairly short trailer, it does give fans a taste of what to expect.

Alongside the new trailer, the film’s key visual was also revealed via the anime’s official Twitter account.

As the title implies, Episode Nagi focuses on Seishiro Nagi, one of the contenders in the Blue Lock project.

For this film, series director Shunsuke Ishikawa returns along with other staff members from studio Eight Bit. The film is set to release sometime in Spring 2024.

For now, there’s no word yet on a specific release date. There’s also no info on international theatrical release plans.

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