Lycoris Recoil Season 2 Release Date, Trailer, & Everything We Know So Far!

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Lycoris Recoil Season 2 Release Date, Trailer & Everything We Know So Far! Chisato
Credit: A-1 Pictures
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Lycoris Recoil made headlines due to its unique original story and chaotic girl action that defied the rules of anime. Everyone thought Chisato's story had ended after the first season, but the good news is that the second season has been greenlit! Here’s everything we know so far about Lycoris Recoil Season 2!

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What to Expect From Lycoris Recoil Season 2

The first season of Lycoris Recoil ended on a high note with Chisato's clash with Majima on top of the Enkuboku tower. Chisato wants to maintain the status quo, whereas Majima wants to restore Japan's natural balance.

It was the highlight of the first season of Lycoris Recoil, and it was fascinating to see two kindred spirits share the kind of dynamic that isn't usually seen between protagonists and antagonists.

With the announcement of Lycoris Recoil Season 2, fans can expect to see more of Chisato, Takina, and the others in Lyco-Reco Café for more action.

Knowing that the heavily bandaged Majima is still alive, that there are still a lot of guns in Tokyo, and that the DA and Radiata are still around, Lycoris Recoil Season 2 has more stories to tell.


While we are pleased to see Takina and Chisato living their lives freely, Lycoris Recoil Season 2 has the potential to provide more character development for them to grow.

Not to mention, their dynamic and relationship with each other may lead to them becoming a couple rather than just ship teasing.

Lycoris Recoil Season 2 is expected to be more visually impressive than Season 1, with smooth-flowing fight sequences, well-written characters, and an engaging narrative.

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When Is the Release Date of Lycoris Recoil Season 2?

There is no word on when Lycoris Recoil Season 2 will be released. The announcement of the second season was made public and official on February 11, 2023, on Lycoris Recoil's official Twitter account.


Because Lycoris Recoil is an original anime with no material to adapt, the second season could arrive in late 2024 or early 2025, but take this with a grain of salt.

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Who Are the Cast of Lycoris Recoil Season 2?

While the cast of Lycoris Recoil Season 2 has yet to be announced, the previous Japanese and English dub casts are likely to return and reprise their roles.

The official Japanese voice cast for Lycoris Recoil is as follows:

  • Anzai Chika as Chisato Nishikigi
  • Shion Wakayama as Takina Inoue
  • Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Majima
  • Kosuke Sakaki as Mika
  • Maki Kawase as Fuki Harukawa
  • Misaki Kuno as Kurumi
  • Makoto Koichi as Sakura Otome
  • Yoji Ueda as Shinji Yoshimatsu
  • Yoko Soumi as Kusunoki
  • Yuki Sakakihara as Roboto
  • Ami Koshimizu as Mizuka Nakahara

The official English voice cast for Lycoris Recoil is as follows:

  • Lizzie Freeman as Chisato Nishikigi
  • Xanthe Huynh as Takina Inoue
  • Bob Carter as Mila
  • Sean Chiplock as Majima
  • Lisa Reimold as Kurumi
  • Morgan Berry as Fuki Harukawa
  • D.C. Douglas as Shinji Yoshimatsu
  • Jeannie Tirado as Sakura Otome
  • Jennifer Losi as Mizuki Nakahara
  • Kayleigh McKee as Kusunoki and Dr. Yamagishi
  • Anairis Quinones as Erika Janome
  • Aleks Le as Robota

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What Is the Studio of Lycoris Recoil Season 2?

The studio for Lycoris Recoil Season 2 has not yet been announced at the time of writing. However, A-1 Pictures animated Lycoris Recoil Season 1, so there's a good chance the production company will return to do the anime's second season.

A-1 Pictures is well-known for animating some of the most well-known TV anime shows of all time.


It is the studio responsible for titles such as Sword Art Online, Your Lie in April, Erased, The Seven Deadly Sins, and even Kaguya-sama: Love Is War!

The Nier: Automata anime adaptation, Engage Kiss, Visual Prison, and the 86 anime are some of their most recent anime productions.

Here’s the Trailer for Lycoris Recoil Season 2

When Lycoris Recoil Season 2 premieres, return to LycoReco Café and enjoy Chisato and Takina's Lycoris services once more!

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