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Co-Founder of Epicstream

Brian McCormick

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Brian McCormick is the co-founder of He's an avid comic book reader and enjoys all things fantasy & sci-fi.

Epicstream Co-Founder

Jake Vyper

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Epicstream Co-Founder

Pop Culture & K-Wave Editor

Jastine Mejares

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Jastine has a degree in journalism and took classes in international law and business communication. She previously contributed to,, and

Tech & Games Editor, Manager of Tech Section

Ruben Circelli

Freelance technology and gaming writer and editor since 2014 and contributor to dozens of sites, including Lifewire, PCGamesN, GamesRadar+,, TheGamer, Twinfinite, and much more!

lives and breathes everything pop culture. He’s into movies, superheroes, comic
books, action figures, pro wrestling and music. A writer and musician by profession but a massive kid-at-heart. Oh, he’s also hopelessly in love with Elizabeth Olsen.

EpicStream News Writer

Margarita Rances

Living in between movies, series, and reality.

EpicStream Writer

Madalena Daleziou

has loved fantasy books and films since she was a child, which prompted her to study a Masters in Fantasy Literature and make some magic with words.

List & Feature Writer

Daniel Roberts

Huge fan of Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Ghostbusters, TMNT and Harry Potter, who has written for numerous film-focused and Disney-related sites.

Anime Writer

Marla Anonuevo

Marla is a devil child addicted to city pop and iced coffee. When she's not fangirling over anime and manga, she's probably nerding out over ethnomusicology.

KDrama & KPop Writer

Bea Melisse Ibanez

Bea is a Journalism graduate who is passionate about literature and writing. As a Kpop fan for over a decade, she has used her burning love for Hallyu in writing for several international sites.

Anime Writer

Rainee Yee

She is a hug fan of anime and lover of all things new.

KDrama & KPop Writer

Alexandria Kim

She is a writer by heart who treats cosplaying and playing online games as her sidelines. As a word alchemist, she expresses her glow all through the pitch black days.