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16 Funniest Comedy Anime Ever

Funniest Comedy Anime Ever Gintama
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What makes a good comedy anime? Is it the running gag or the wacky parodies in the series? Anime lovers are constantly on the lookout for a good time and a good laugh. So, here are the funniest comedy anime ever that will certainly provide viewers with a humorous and entertaining experience.

Since comedy is subjective, it is up to the viewers to decide whether or not these anime shows deliver.

In fact, I found myself laughing a lot while watching these comedy anime shows. They're so hilarious that you'll be out of breath in no time!

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  1. Boku to Roboko

    If you're a fan of Shonen Jump and want to see a comedy anime that pokes fun at some of their most popular titles, check out Boku to Roboko!

    It features wholesome yet smart running gags and amusing moments that keep the comedy flowing and the audience entertained.

    It takes place in a future where super-capable AI-powered robotic maids known as "Order Maids" are a significant craze.

    The public appreciates these robots because of their adaptability and versatility, not to mention their cute appearance.

    As a result, 10-year-old Bondo wishes to obtain one of the Order Maids in order to keep up with his buddies.

    However, his internet order is vastly different from that of his friends!

  2. Prison School

    Prison School is a hilarious anime with some of the most bizarre moments that will make anyone laugh out loud. It has a unique art style and animation, as well as overdramatic and over-the-top sequences.

    It is an ecchi comedy and a seinen anime show with a lot of fetish jokes and perverted innuendos.

    While some of the comedy anime on this list revolve around the characters' daily lives, Prison School's plot is filled with tension that will have you rooting for the characters as they try to overhaul the gruesome and grotesque Student Council.

    The anime is set in the former all-girls school of Hachimitsu Academy and follows the misfortune of high school student Kiyoshi, who becomes entangled with four other boys and is sent off to prison after being accused of peeping from the girl's locker room.

    Having said that, the five boys face repercussions from the Student Council, which punishes them differently in each episode.

  3. The Way of the Househusband

    The Way of the Househusband is a unique anime. Aside from its unusual animation, which resembles colored manga panels with some minimal movements here and there, the entire anime can be watched in a single sitting.

    If you can look past the animation, The Way of the Househusband is a hilarious anime that will keep you entertained.

    The Way of the Househusband, also known as Gokushufudo, follows the story of retired yakuza member Tatsu as he transitions from a yakuza member to a full-time househusband to his successful wife.

    It chronicles his daily life as he moves from one household chore to another.

  4. Pop Team Epic

    Pop Team Epic's popularity in the anime community spread like wildfire when it first debuted.

    Despite how strange the anime appears, cosplayers all over the world have taken to the characters and begun to channel their aesthetic.

    What's more unexpected is that it's also become a good source of memes and gifs that no one, not even you, can ignore. Despite its low ratings, it took over the anime community.

    Nonetheless, Pop Team Epic is a significant comedic anime that is a hodgepodge of satire, breaching the fourth wall, and outlandish aesthetics.

  5. Akiba Maid War

    Have you ever witnessed café maids killing each other in broad daylight in Akihabara? In Akiba Maid War, you will be served by cute maids who are gunning each other down and murdering each other without regard for their lives.

    Akiba Maid War is a strange yet exhilarating anime with a fantastic premise. It elevates the concept of maid cafes to a new level that no one could have imagined.

    Although the anime's plot has a lot of potential, it is a comedy anime because it does not take itself seriously.

    In Akiba Maid War, join Nagomi Wahira and the Ton Tokoton Maids as they try to survive daily in the perilous world of maids! You will never see something like this again!

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  6. Azumanga Daioh

    With a comedy genre in a high school setting, Azumanga Daioh pioneered the anime trope of cute girls doing cute things, abbreviated as CGDCT.

    Despite the fact that it has been out for quite some time, the anime is still relevant for modern CGDCT anime shows.

    It's a comedy anime with a lot of hilarious jokes. If you've seen Nichijou, Azumanga Daioh is its tamer counterpart.

    Azumanga Daioh has no overarching plot; instead, it follows the daily lives of six high school students, including their hopeless homeroom teacher.

    It goes from one strange adventure to another, one absurd scene to another, and so on throughout the anime's 26 episodes.

  7. The Devil Is a Part-Timer!

    With its good humor and effective voice actors to back up its fascinating premise, The Devil Is a Part-Timer! remains a favorite among anime viewers.

    Trust me when I say that this comedy anime is a must-see that will make you laugh with its organic humor that is not even forced at all.

    The Devil Is a Part-Timer! is genuine comedy gold, from the way the anime and humor are presented to the banter and interaction of the characters.

    The anime follows the all-powerful conqueror Maou, also known as Satan, as he becomes embroiled in modern-day Tokyo, Japan, after fleeing the hero Emilia with his long-time ally and general Alsiel.

    To return to Ente Isla, he must first figure out his situation as Sadao Maou, a part-time employee at a local fast-food restaurant called MgRonald's, and afterward continue his original plan.

  8. Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto

    Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto is a satirical anime that is reminiscent of classic slapstick comedy skits yet also very unpredictable, which makes it entertaining to watch.

    The anime is so creative that it keeps getting better and better as it concludes with a bang, as one would expect from the cool, cooler, and coolest Sakamoto.

    According to speculations, the anime follows Sakamoto, who not only has a God complex but is also a demon. He's a brilliant and attractive young man with a talent for surviving in unexpected situations.

    He also has the capacity to perfectly backfire on whatever is thrown at him. In case you didn't know, Sakamoto is the living personification of perfection and cool.

  9. Daily Lives of High School Boys

    With over six hours of run time, Daily Lives of High School Boys is a one-of-a-kind hilarious and satirical comedy anime experience that will have you in stitches.

    Daily Lives of High School Boys is an overall comedy package with some of the best and most memorable comedy lines, ridiculous fight scenes, and entertaining characters.

    Hidenori Tabata, the eccentric and chaotic ringleader with a crazy imagination, Tadakuni, the wise and rational Tadakuni, and the energetic Tanaka Yoshitake, who has a burning desire for anything random, are the protagonists of the anime.

    Daily Lives of High School Boys are filled with over-the-top reenactments, parodies, and funny renditions of anything under the sun, with a few weird moments thrown in for a good laugh.

  10. Asobi Asobase

    Asobi Asobase is a God-tier and master-level comedy anime that will have you gasping for air.

    Asobi Asobase is comedy gold, with a distinct and new sense of humor in the anime's plate that will not disappoint any of the viewers. The anime's humor is so ridiculous that it will make you cry happy tears.

    Asobi Asobase follows Olivia, a foreign transfer student, Hanako Honda, a bold airhead, and Kasumi Nomura, a lethargic misfit, through their school days.

    They form the Past Time Club, which spends its time playing hand games.

  11. Uncle from Another World

    Uncle from Another World could be your next show if you're seeking a comedy anime with a retro and nostalgic feel.

    It's also a fairly funny anime that uses parodies and profane humor to make fun of otaku and anime in general.

    It follows Takafumi Takaoka and his uncle, Yosuke, who awoke from a 17-year coma after being hit by a truck.

    Takafumi had no idea that Yosuke had spent his time in the isekai world, where he had learned magic and met all kinds of creatures, not to mention attractive ladies!

    Takafumi must now assist his uncle in adjusting to life in the real world, beginning with the creation of a YouTube account merely to make ends meet!

  12. Bocchi the Rock!

    Bocchi the Rock! has recently become the main source of hilarious memes and gifs all over anime forums and discussions due to the main character's bizarre and out-of-this-world reactions.

    However, underneath the humor of Bocchi the Rock! is a solid plot that is quite fascinating in addition to the superb animation and music during the Kessoku Band's performances.

    Bocchi the Rock is about Hitori Gotou and her struggles to fit in. She steps outside of her comfort zone to join three other females in their one-of-a-kind band experience.

    So, when will Bocchi the Rock! Season 2 happen?

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  13. Nichijou

    Nichijou is a slapstick comedy anime that revolves around anime staples like tsukkomi and boke.

    In case you missed it, tsukkomi depicts something that is outrageous and hilarious; boke, on the other hand, is a humorous partner who is foolish or uneducated.

    While Nichijou's humor may not be for everyone, it is nevertheless a ridiculously entertaining anime that has spawned a slew of anime memes.

    The anime follows the boring daily lives and bizarre circumstances of three childhood friends: the feisty Yuki Aoi, the joyful Mio Naganohara, and the indifferent Mai Minakami, as well as some of the residents of Tokisadame's imaginary town.

  14. KonoSuba

    KonoSuba is a comedy and isekai anime with myriad meme-worthy scenes. The anime's wacky character designs and sequences never get old, despite the fact that it's been out for a while.

    KonoSuba becomes more and more interesting as the viewers get to know the characters from episode to episode.

    The anime follows Kazuma Sato's untimely death as he is reincarnated in a fantasy MMORPG world where he forms a strange adventurer guild.

    With him are the beautiful yet useless goddess named Aqua and the arch wizard who descended from crimson demons named Megumin.

    Together, they endeavor to defeat the forces of the Demon King.

  15. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

    The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. is a timeless comedy anime. The show is fast-paced and full of funny gags, ranging from slapstick to deadpan, so viewers will not be bored.

    It's a god-tier comedic anime that gets better as it progresses through the episodes.

    Apart from that, it is so captivating that after watching it, anyone will feel empty.

    Saiki Kusuo, a psychokinetic high school student, is followed on his daily exploits in The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

    Saiki utilizes his power to help his absurd family and ignorant classmates on occasion, but he usually manages to get away.

  16. Gintama

    Gintama is unquestionably at the forefront of the comedy anime genre. The show is one of the most successful and popular anime of all time, with a cult following that eagerly awaits every installment of the series.

    In fact, some fans consider Gintama to be the King of Comedy anime. With that said, it is a satire anime with a character-driven plot, dry humor, and stupid jokes that will make you pause your screen to catch your breath.

    The anime follows the Yorozuya, a small business for odd jobs run by Gintoki Sakata and his associates, Shinpachi Shimura, an aspiring samurai, and the all-powerful Kagura.

    They accept odd jobs, fight local gangs, and get into trouble with the Amanto, which are alien-like entities.

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