11 Jun 2021 11:48 AM +00:00 UTC

Best Romcom Anime That You Should Definitely Watch

Also known as Romcom, romantic comedy is a subgenre of slice-of-life fiction and comedy that focuses on romance. The plot contains romantic ideas with humorous scenes. Fans are interested in this genre because it’s light, and it gives entertainment to the viewers.

Romantic comedies give fans a world where two people fall in love with each other and even if there are hardships, everything eventually becomes light and easy because of the comedy. Some find romcoms relatable to their own life which makes it fun to watch. Romance anime can sometimes be predictable but with comedy, fans can get hooked on the story. 

There is a lot of well-known rom-com anime but we decided to choose the 3 best series, in our opinion, for anime fans to watch. 

  1. Ouran High School Host Club

    The series tells the journey of Haruhi Fujioka, a scholarship student who accidentally enters an abandoned Music Room and meets the Ouran Academy Host Club. The club consists of 6 handsome male students who entertain female students with tea and sweets. Unfortunately, upon arriving at the Music Room, Haruhi breaks an expensive vase and must be the club’s errand boy to pay for it. 

    The students mistake her for a boy with her short hair and ambiguous face, adding the comedic theme to the story. Eventually, they add her to the club as they discovered that she has a natural talent when it comes to entertaining girls. 

  2. The Devil is a Part-Timer!

    Based on the title itself, the series is about Satan living in Tokyo, Japan as a part-time employee at a fast-food restaurant. Before he was transported to Japan, he wanted to conquer Ente Isla but he was confronted by Emilia. Satan retreated and transported himself to Tokyo where he lives as Sadao Maou. 

    The plot thickens when Satan meets Emi Yusa, who is Emilia in human form. The comic and romance started from there while Satan explores the world he is currently in. 

  3. Toradora

    One of the most recommended romcom shows is Toradora. It is about Taiga Aisaka and Ryuuji Takasu who discovered that they have crushes on each other’s best friends. The situation encouraged the two of them to work together to end up with the person they truly like. 

    The comedic scenes enter when Ryuuji and Taiga create romantic situations for their crushes but turn into disasters. Eventually, they didn’t notice that they are spending a lot of time together, earning rumors to spread around school that they are dating. 

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