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Is the Bocchi the Rock! Manga Complete or Ongoing? Current Status

Is the Bocchi the Rock Manga Complete or Ongoing Current Status Hitori

Bocchi the Rock! is a four-panel manga by Aki Hamaji that got adapted into an anime by CloverWorks this fall. The anime adaptation is quickly becoming a hit among anime fans, but is the Bocchi the Rock! manga complete or ongoing? Here's its latest status!

The slice-of-life anime is getting known for its simple yet relatable plot. Viewers are drawn in wanting to know how Hitori Goto, a shy, introverted girl, will be able to overcome her social phobia by joining the Kessoku Band.

The authentic art also hooks viewers to the show as it is something new and not unusually found in most anime.

With its authenticity, Bocchi the Rock! has been gaining love not only from anime viewers but from manga readers as well.

Is the Bocchi the Rock! Manga Complete or Ongoing?

Is the Bocchi the Rock Manga Complete or Ongoing nijika and hitori
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The good news is that the Bocchi the Rock! manga is still ongoing with no hints of ending anytime soon.

As of writing, the manga has five volumes in total. Four volumes have already been released, with Volume 5 scheduled to come out on November 26, 2022.

Originally, the manga was serialized as a guest work but a full serialization was made in March 2018.

What to Expect From the Bocchi the Rock! Anime

What to Expect from the Bocchi the Rock Anime Ryou
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As a music anime, Bocchi the Rock! is expected to wow its viewers with some performances from the characters.

Hitori Goto is extremely talented when it comes to playing the guitar, but she has low self-esteem and low social skills which makes it intriguing to see how her character will develop throughout the series.

Even better, this is not the first time that the Kessoku Band has made its appearance in the anime world!

In another slice-of-life anime entitled Slow Loop, some fans have spotted the band in a cameo appearance while performing at a school festival.

What to Expect From the Bocchi the Rock Anime Ikuyo
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There is no confirmation yet if the two series are connected but what fans discovered is that both manga titles were published in Manga Time Kirara.

If that fun fact is not enough, we have another one: Bocchi the Rock! is actually based on Asian Kung-Fu Generation, one of the most popular rock bands in Japan.

The four members of the Kessoku Band have the same surnames and instruments as the members of the popular Japanese band.

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Where to Watch the Bocchi the Rock! Anime

The Bocchi the Rock! anime debuted on October 9, 2022. It airs on Tokyo MX and other related networks.

Viewers residing outside of Asia can stream the anime on Crunchyroll while fans from Southeast Asia can watch it on Bilibili and Aniplus Asia.

Currently, the anime is confirmed to have a total of 12 episodes.

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