Bocchi the Rock!’s Band Name Explained

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Bocchi the Rock’s Band Name Explained Hitori Gotou

Bocchi the Rock! follows the Kessoku Band comprised of Hitori Gotou, Nijika Ijichi, Ryo Yamada, and Ikuyo Kita. But what is the meaning behind the band name? Is it based on a musical influence, just like how the main characters' surnames were derived from members of Asian Kung-Fu Generation, or is there another meaning?

Even before the Bocchi the Rock! anime was released, the Kessoku Band has already made a cameo appearance in another anime.


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What Does Kessoku Band Mean in Bocchi the Rock!?

Originally, the name was considered a pun on Kessoku band, a cable tie, as "kessoku" also means unity. The unit was also based on Shimokitazawa’s live house named STARRY. It was Ryo who came up with the band name after knowing the meaning of cable tie.


Furthermore, the name symbolizes how the members of the band are united, like a cable tie.

For their live house audition, the Kessoku Band performed two songs and eventually performed again with an audience. They also showed up during the Shuka High School Cultural Festival.

Who Are the Members of the Kessoku Band?

Who Are the Members of the Kessoku Band Ryo Nijika Ikuyo and Hitori
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The Kessoku Band has four members: Hitori Gotou (lead guitar and lyrics), Nijika Ijichi (drums), Ryo Yamada (bass), and Ikuyo Kita (guitar and vocals). Let's get to know them all better!

  • Hitori Gotou – Also known as Bocchi-chan, Hitori is in her first year at Shuka High School. She wants to experience band activities despite her introverted and timid character. Even though she is talented, she can’t seem to perform well in public because of her introversion.
  • Nijika Ijichi – She is a second-year student at Shimokitazawa High School. She is known to be cheerful and energetic. She was the one who organized the band and looks after Hitori.
  • Ryo Yamada – She is also a second-year student at Shimokitazawa High School. She and Nijika do part-time work at STARRY. She is known for being expressionless and mysterious.
  • Ikuyo Kita – She is a first-year student at Shuka High School. She is a popular student and is loved by many. She admires Ryo--and her admiration could potentially lead to something more.
Who Are the Members of the Kessoku Band Nijika Ikuyo Ryo and Hitori
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The Kessoku Band has performed various songs such as Seishun Complex, Hitoribocchi Tokyo, Distortion, and more.

They will release a full album on December 28, 2022, which is already expected to receive a lot of love from fans.


Bocchi the Rock! also features other bands like SICK HACK and SIDEROS.

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