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Does Ranko Die in Akiba Maid War?

Does Ranko Die in Akiba Maid War Ranko
Credit: P.A. Works

Every episode of Akiba Maid War features maids killing and gunning each other. The anime may appear cute and innocent at first glance, but its bizarre and dark take on maid cafés keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. In light of this, does Ranko die in Akiba Maid War?

Ranko Mannen works as a maid at Ton Tokoton Maid Café. She is a 36-year-old maid who specializes in firearms and hand-to-hand combat.

Unlike the other girls in the café, Ranko does her best to serve the customers, despite her lack of moe vibes.

Spoiler Alert: There are major Akiba Maid War spoilers ahead!

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What Happened to Ranko?

What Happened to Ranko
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Credit: P.A. Works

It all started when Maid Teahouse was still open and Michiyo was the manager. Ranko and Uzuko formed a sisterhood pact in the café as they became closer as teahouse maids.

However, Michiyo's death contributed to the abrupt end of Ranko and Uzuko's sisterhood as they began to disagree on the Maid Teahouse's policy.

While Ranko wishes to continue Michiyo's nonviolent approach toward the other Akiba cafés, Uzuko is adamantly opposed.

Ranko had to cut ties with Uzuko after she was arrested for Michiyo's death, even though she had nothing to do with it.

Okachimachi, the panda maid at Ton Tokoton Maid Café, turned out to be the perpetrator.

Years passed, Ranko was released from prison, and Uzuko rose to become the leader of Akiba's Beastland (Creatureland) Group.

Starting anew, Ranko joined the Ton Tokoton Café without knowing that Okachimachi killed her former manager.

Ranko has formed friendships with the other girls since joining Ton Tokoton Café, particularly Nagomi, who shares Michiyo's maid philosophy.

What Happened to Ranko
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Credit: P.A. Works

Ranko and Nagomi became closer after going to the casino, playing baseball, and celebrating her birthday.

However, after Nagomi won the Miss Omoe Climbing Festival, their affiliated cafés began to target the Ton Tokoton Café, as Uzuko had ordered.

Worse, Uzuko sent a disownment letter to Ton Tokoton Café, leaving the girls to fend for themselves against all the other cafés in Akiba.

As a result, Ranko decided to end everything in order to protect the Ton Tokoton Café, which she now considered her home. However, the girls, including Nagomi and the manager, did not abandon her.

Ranko went to see Uzuko with Nagomi to apologize and find common ground.

While Uzuko initially wants to destroy the café, she eventually caves into Nagomi and Ranko after recalling her time as a maid at Maid Teahouse with Ranko.

By the end of Episode 11, Uzuko had accepted Ton Tokoton Café as an affiliate once more in exchange for 10 times the protection money.

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Does Ranko Die?

Does Ranko Die in Akiba Maid War Ranko
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Credit: P.A. Works

While it hasn't been confirmed, there's a strong chance that Ranko died in Akiba Maid War.

After the conflict with Uzuko is over, Ranko and Nagomi go shopping for hair accessories in the middle of Akiba's bustling streets.

While choosing which hair accessories to purchase, an unknown maid stabs Ranko from behind.

Because the onlookers were afraid to get involved in the violence between maid cafés, they just stood there and watched as Ranko tried to fight for her life while lying in Nagomi's arms.

Before losing consciousness, Ranko tells Nagomi that she wants to be a cute maid who can continue working with the other girls at Ton Tokoton Café.

As Akiba Maid War Episode 11 came to a close, the life in Ranko's eyes began to fade.

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Is There a Chance That Ranko Is Alive?

Is There a Chance that Ranko is Alive in Akiba Maid War Ranko
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Credit: P.A. Works

Since it is not yet confirmed, there's still a small chance that Ranko is alive in Akiba Maid War. However, viewers should still brace themselves for the confirmation of Ranko's death in the final episode of the anime.

After all, each and every maid's life in Akiba comes and goes in an instant.

Ranko is a strong and powerful maid, but she is not an immortal who can take anything and survive.

At the end of the day, no one is safe in Akiba's maid café business.

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