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Who Does Kazuma End Up With in KonoSuba?

Who Does Kazuma End up With in KonoSuba? Kazuma
Credit: Studio Deen

There’s never a dull moment in Satou Kazuma’s life in the fantasy world. With the useless goddess, the loli arch-wizard, and the masochist crusader in his party, Kazuma encounters trouble everywhere he goes. But among the members of his party, who does Kazuma end up with in KonoSuba?

KonoSuba revolves around Satou Kazuma’s everyday shenanigans in the fantasy world after he died in the real world due to a heart attack.

He had the opportunity to change his life in the fantasy world thanks to the Goddess Aqua—that is until he decided to bring her along on his adventures!

Spoiler Alert: There are KonoSuba light novel spoilers ahead!

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Does Kazuma End Up With Aqua?

Does Kazuma End up With Aqua? Aqua
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Credit: Studio Deen

No, Kazuma did not end up with Aqua, despite the fact that the two of them had the longest history of being together in the fantasy world.

They shared many moments together, but it was not enough for the two of them to develop feelings for each other in the long run.

Aqua is a cute goddess, but Kazuma sees her as a useless one. Even when they are sleeping together in the stables, Kazuma never makes a move on Aqua, proving how the latter's sexual appeal has no effect on the former.

They are also constantly bickering with one another, especially when it comes to money, finding quests with high rewards, fighting villains, and even killing gigantic frogs.

Instead of dating Aqua, Kazuma would rather keep her as an annoying sibling who constantly takes advantage of his little kindness and generosity.

But when one of them is in serious trouble, the other will go to their aid at any cost.

Hence, fans of Aqua and Kazuma should not expect much from their relationship. It would remain that way even after they defeated the Demon King.

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Does Kazuma End Up With Darkness?

Does Kazuma End up With Darkness? Darkness
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Credit: Studio Deen

No, Kazuma did not end up with Darkness, despite having a body to die for! Darkness may have the looks and the body, but the combination of those two assets did not sway Kazuma's heart in her favor.

Initially, Kazuma was drawn to Darkness because of her appearance, but once he learned about her personality, everything fell apart.

He begins to see her differently, particularly after Kazuma observes her clumsy and masochistic attitude and behavior during their quests.

It was a major turn-off for Kazuma, but it didn't mean the two of them didn't have intimate moments.

In fact, when Kazuma thought he was having an erotic dream, the two of them bathed naked together!

Kazuma's ideal woman, based on the configuration he had in his erotic dream, is Darkness, except she needs to be a little older; the rest is already perfect for him.

He also enjoys it when Darkness becomes shy in front of him, which is a rare occurrence.

Consider a tank-like crusader becoming agitated in the presence of a man like Kazuma. That would be a fascinating sight.

Darkness developed feelings for Kazuma after he rescued her from an arranged marriage in the light novel.

She confessed her feelings to Kazuma, but she was turned down.

Does Kazuma End Up With Megumin?

While the light novel has an open ending, the after stories imply that Kazuma ends up with Megumin in KonoSuba.

The two of them were already in a relationship, and it will only be a matter of time before they decide to marry and have children.

It was a shocking turn of events, as Kazuma had never shown much interest in Megumin in the first half of the series. He only sees her as a small child who is obsessed with explosion magic.

Megumin has a petite body that could pass for a loli, which is obviously the polar opposite of Kazuma's ideal type of woman.

In a nutshell, Megumin's physical appearance will never excite a man like Kazuma, who, like everyone else, wants to get laid with an erotic succubus in a brothel.

However, after Megumin reached the age of 14, Kazuma began to see her in a new light. The two of them started spending more time together away from the rest of the party members, and the rest is history.

It only took a confession for the two of them to decide to date. They initially kept it from Aqua and Darkness, but we all know how secrets in a series like KonoSuba are never kept hidden.

What's more surprising is how they took their relationship to the next level, especially Megumin, who became more aggressive! She took the initiative in the relationship, which caught Kazuma off guard.

To be honest, I expected Kazuma to end up with Darkness or Aqua, but Megumin's explosion of love is far more powerful than the two of them combined!

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