What Happens to Aqua at the End of KonoSuba?

What Happens to Aqua at the End of KonoSuba? Aqua
Credit: Studio Deen

What Happens to Aqua at the End of KonoSuba? Aqua
Credit: Studio Deen

What if you met a goddess like Aqua after death? Will you do the same as Kazuma and bring her into the fantasy world as an accessory? If so, prepare for the adventure of a lifetime! With a useless goddess around, what happens to Aqua at the end of KonoSuba?

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Why Is Aqua Useless?

Why Is Aqua Useless? Aqua
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Credit: Studio Deen

In reality, Aqua is not a useless goddess in the eyes of her devotees. She was rendered ineffective after Kazuma did the unthinkable by transporting her to the fantasy world solely to annoy her and give her what she deserved.

Aqua played an important role as a goddess when she first appeared. She offers everyone the chance to be reborn into a fantasy world, as well as whatever they desire, whether it's a powerful sword or devastating magic to aid them in defeating the Demon King.

But when Kazuma appeared, Aqua became entangled in his quest in the fantasy world.

She not only loses her goddess status, but she also lacks any powerful skills or abilities, in contrast to goddesses in other isekai anime who truly support the protagonist.

Of course, KonoSuba is a comedy and isekai anime, so Aqua's character comes as no surprise.

Aqua has great potential as an archpriest because of her healing and purifying abilities, but her unmaidenly attitude and behavior get the best of her.

She's rude, spoiled, greedy, and has a drinking habit, which makes her unattractive in front of Kazuma, not to mention useless.

Except for that one time when she purified a river where a lot of crocodile monsters congregate, Kazuma always ends up saving her.

Aqua, on the other hand, possesses some of the most useful skills and abilities in Kazuma's party.

It's just that she doesn't know when to use it or how to control it properly, making things worse than they are.

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Does Aqua Return to Heaven?

Does Aqua Return to Heaven? Aqua
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Credit: Studio Deen

Yes, Aqua returns to heaven in KonoSuba, but only for a brief moment. After Kazuma defeats the Demon King in the most bizarre manner possible, the two of them end up in Heaven, where they meet Eris.

After all, the only way Aqua can return to heaven is if Kazuma defeats the Demon King.

He did it, and Aqua regained her status as a goddess capable of providing Kazuma with three options for his life.

At the same time, Eris provided Kazuma with two options as a reward for killing the Demon King.

Finally, Kazuma chose to return to the fantasy world and rejoin Megumin and the others.

The only problem is that, after being irritated by Aqua's behavior yet again, Kazuma decided to bring Eris into the fantasy world instead of Aqua.

This left Aqua in heaven crying, which is why she made the difficult decision to descend just to be with everyone again.

Aqua is unable to return to heaven freely as a result of her descent into the fantasy world.

Unbeknownst to Aqua, Kazuma intends to reclaim her at a later date because he was able to mark Heaven as another teleportation location.

What Happens to Aqua in KonoSuba?

What Happens to Aqua at the End of Konosuba? Aqua
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Credit: Studio Deen

Aqua enjoys her life in the fantasy world, as do Kazuma, Megumin, and the others.

She lives in their mansion as usual, bickering with Kazuma every now and then due to his perverted behavior and joining Megumin in her daily Explosion magic on the old Demon King's castle.

She is still the useless and annoying goddess in Kazuma's eyes, but she has grown more sympathetic to him.

She even thanks him for what he's done for her, allowing Aqua to grow as a character.

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