Does Kazuma Defeat the Demon King in KonoSuba?

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Does Kazuma Defeat the Demon King in KonoSuba? Kazuma
Credit: Studio Deen
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Although KonoSuba is a slapstick comedy and isekai anime, Kazuma Saito is on a very serious and important quest. With only a few skills at his disposal and a strange band of adventurers on his side, does Kazuma defeat the Demon King in KonoSuba?

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Why Is Kazuma After the Demon King?

Why Is Kazuma After the Demon King? Kazuma
Credit: Studio Deen

Kazuma is pursuing the Demon King in KonoSuba in order to assist Aqua in ascending to heaven. It's the only way Aqua can reclaim her goddess status and remove Eris from her temporary position.

It all started when Kazuma died of a heart attack in the real world. Cliché, but that's how it ended for Kazuma, a NEET who believed he could die a hero by saving a girl from a speeding truck (which is actually a tractor).

Unfortunately, it wasn't the case, and his death was in vain. The foolish Kazuma had an audience with none other than the useless goddess, Aqua, right after he died.

Of course, she is initially helpful, but Aqua got what she deserved when she irritated Kazuma with her arrogant attitude.


The heavens, aka Eris, granted Kazuma's wish for Aqua to accompany him in the fantasy world.

Aqua was devastated, but not long after, the two of them were in the guild discussing becoming official adventurers.

While Kazuma's potential as an adventurer is limited, Aqua got the better of him.

She rose to the rank of archpriest, whereas Kazuma is a lowly adventurer who struggles to find decent party members due to his unremarkable status.

After Kazuma takes Megumin and Darkness into his party, the rest is history.

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Does Kazuma Defeat the Demon King?

Does Kazuma Defeat the Demon King? Kazuma
Credit: Studio Deen

Kazuma defeats the Demon King by the end of KonoSuba light novel volume 17, just like in any other fairy tale with a happy ending. If you're only an anime fan, don't expect Kazuma to have any flashy fights with the Demon King; you'll be disappointed.

In fact, unlike other isekai anime that give the villains a lot of buildups to establish themselves as bad characters, Kazuma didn't give the Demon King his own spotlight.

"Nope, I don't have time for this," Kazuma said, and by casting the Explosion spell with the last manatite that Megumin gave him, the Demon King was gone in an instant.

Those expecting an intense battle between Kazuma and the Demon King will be disappointed; instead, they will be treated to a series of slapstick cat-and-mouse games.


KonoSuba is a comedy isekai anime, so it serves its purpose until the end. Instead of cool fights, the ending of KonoSuba will provide fans with hilarious moments.

You'll have to decide whether KonoSuba has a good ending for the Demon King or not, from Kazuma having his head chopped off to Megumin firing consecutive explosions.

What Happens After Kazuma Defeats the Demon King?

What Happens After Kazuma Defeat the Demon King? Kazuma
Credit: Studio Deen

Kazuma and Aqua were both sent to heaven after defeating the Demon King. The useless goddess offered him three options: heaven, rebirth in the fantasy world, or Japan.

Eris also gave him two options for defeating the Demon King. Kazuma will either be reborn in Japan with all the money he desires, along with his ideal partner, or he will be reborn as he is.

Kazuma was granted his wish to be reborn in the fantasy world, but instead of choosing Aqua as his companion, he chose Eris.

What Happens After Kazuma Defeat the Demon King? Kazuma
Credit: Studio Deen

After all, Kazuma was once again irritated by Aqua's behavior and stupidity, which is why he opted to leave her.

Unfortunately, Aqua's character development is lacking until the end. Given her attitude and behavior, it is understandable that Kazuma chose Eris over Aqua.

Don't worry, Aqua was able to return to the fantasy world and reunite with her friends, including Kazuma.

As it turns out, Kazuma intends to reclaim Aqua by designating heaven as another teleportation location.

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