Here are 20 Anime Perfect to Watch When Bored

anime to watch when bored miss kobayashi and devilman
Credit: Coolkyousinnjya | Kyoto Animation / Netflix | Science SARU | Go Nagai | Devilman Crybaby Project

anime to watch when bored miss kobayashi and devilman
Credit: Coolkyousinnjya | Kyoto Animation / Netflix | Science SARU | Go Nagai | Devilman Crybaby Project

We’ve all been there. You’ve got a day to yourself and the number of anime to watch feels like way too much. For those times when you just want to put something on and be swept away, here are some great anime to watch when bored.

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What Are the Best Types of Anime to Watch When Bored?

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In our unscientific opinion (and as someone who has spent hours mindlessly flicking through Crunchyroll), when you’re bored, you want an anime that offers something completely different but isn't much work to get into.

You want a series that grabs you with an exciting premise or depth but is still quite chilled or easy to follow.

Our list of the perfect anime to watch when bored includes a wide range of genres, so there’s something for everyone.

Basically, we’ve put a lot of effort into curating the perfect bored anime playlist so you don’t have to! Just sit back and enjoy these classics.

  1. Laid-Back Camp

    If you're looking for the perfect chilled anime, you won't find much better than the appropriately named Laid-Back Camp.

    Also known as Yuru Camp, the series follows Rin Shima, a high-school girl who spends her free time camping. Nadeshiko Kagamihara is an energetic girl who joins the school's small camping club and convinces Rin to join.

    Now with a bigger group, Rin and the others share their love for camping in different spots across Japan.

    Laid-Back Camp is a love letter to camping and comes with all the chilled outdoor energy the pursuit provides, without the cold nights or trying to pack your tent.

  2. Frieren

    Frieren: Beyond Journey's End is one of the standout fantasy anime of the last few years. Despite its great story and vibrant world, the series itself is really relaxed.

    The story follows the titular Elf, a mage in the hero's party as they return from defeating the Demon King. With their mission complete, Frieren leaves the group to explore the world and returns decades later to see her former comrades have aged.

    As an Elf with a much longer lifespan than humans, Frieren must watch her former comrades pass on. Feeling guilt for not spending more time with them, she vows to care more for the people around her going forward, taking on apprentices Fern and Stark and forming a new party.

    A lot of Frieren's early episodes are very laid-back, sometimes taking place over many decades and concerning small objectives as part of Frieren's larger ambition.

    If you're a fan of traditional fantasy settings with strong lore and need a new world to sink into, then Frieren is an absolute must-watch anime.

  3. Danganronpa: The Animation

    Despite the series getting relatively mixed reviews, Danganronpa remains a bit of a cult classic with a devoted fanbase. The series also makes for light and incredibly fun viewing, a classic whodunnit that is easy to enjoy.

    Based on a video game franchise, Danganronpa: The Animation takes place inside Hope's Peak Academy, a prestigious high school that almost guarantees success for its graduates.

    Makoto is a very average teenager who can’t believe his luck in being accepted, but upon arrival, nothing is as it seems.

    He and 15 other students are locked inside the school. There, an anthropomorphic bear called Monokuma explains that there is only one way to leave the school: get away with the murder of a fellow student.

  4. Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works

    The Fate anime franchise is huge, comprising multiple visual novels and anime series. However, many consider Unlimited Blade Works to be the best, offering a simple yet effective battle royale filled with interesting characters and scenarios.

    The Fate series revolves around the Holy Grail Wars, where specific magic users summon powerful Heroic Spirits to fight for them in a battle royale. The last surviving ‘master’ wins the Holy Grail, which supposedly grants any wish.

    Unlimited Blade Works follows the events of the Fifth Holy Grail War. There is a particular focus on Shirou Emiya, who enters the competition by accident, and classmate Rin Tohsaka, the latest participant from a long family history in the Holy Grail Wars.

  5. Flip Flappers

    If you’re looking for a visually exciting series to take you to a wonderful anime world, there are few better than Flip Flappers!

    The story follows Cocona, a seemingly normal and slightly aimless middle schooler whose boring world is flipped upside-down when she meets Papika, a strange girl full of energy.

    Papika pulls Cocona into the world of Pure Illusion, an alternate dimension where she works to retrieve fragments for a mysterious organisation called Flip Flap.

    What follows is a quirky story that delivers fun in each episode. The plot plays second to the incredible animation that looks like a combination of Japanese and European animation styles. Flip Flappers is a true feast for the eyes.

  6. Honey and Clover

    Sometimes, a bit of light TV drama is the perfect way to enjoy a boring day. If you agree, then you have to watch Honey and Clover, one of the best slice-of-life anime ever!

    Honey and Clover follows a group of college art students, each trying to find their way in the world while navigating their feelings for one another.

    Yuuta appears to be the most normal of all, struggling to find meaning in his life until he’s swept off his feet by new student Hagumi. The only problem is that the eccentric and hugely talented Shinobu may have also fallen for the new girl.

    Honey and Clover combines many of the best elements of slice-of-life, comedy and romance anime while also having beautiful animation! It’s one of the best anime if you just want to while away lazy summer days.

  7. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

    When it feels like you’ve seen everything, it’s good to go back to the classics. Code Geass is a must-watch, especially for fans of old-school mecha anime.

    Code Geass isn’t just a mecha anime, though. There’s so much intrigue and depth to the series that you can easily find yourself hooked.

    Code Geass takes place in a Japan which has been taken over by the Holy Empire of Brittania, the world’s dominant military nation.

    Lelouch is a Brittanian exile in Japan, now known as Area 11, who finds himself caught in the crossfire of a skirmish between Brittanian and rebel forces.

    Lelouch’s life is saved by a mysterious girl named C.C., who gives him a power known as Geass, allowing him to command the obedience of anyone who looks into his eye.

    Using his newfound power, he takes up a second identity as Zero, a masked vigilante supporting the rebels in their fight.

    However, with his best friend being part of the Brittanian army and one of the rebels’ best fighters also going to his school, Lelouch’s hidden identity is constantly under threat.

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  8. Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

    Sometimes, you just want something slow and pleasing to watch. Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid is one of the most wholesome anime of all time but is also a comedy and great fun to watch when you’re bored.

    Kobayashi is your average adult, living alone in her city apartment and spending most of her time working. However, her life is made a little brighter when she’s suddenly greeted by a dragon maid named Tooru whom she accidentally bumped into while drunk the night before.

    Kobayashi agrees to let Tooru become her live-in maid, leading to a range of quirky adventures as she acclimatises to normal life on Earth.

    While the premise is a little weird (although not compared to many other anime), it’s really just a setup for a wholesome and fun show about the small joys of modern adult life.

  9. Devilman Crybaby

    This series is a great choice if you want something darker than your average fantasy anime.

    The series takes place in a world where devils live among humans, wreaking havoc wherever they appear. Ryou is conducting research into the devils and enlists the help of quiet childhood friend Akira, whom he coerces into taking on the power of devils and becoming Devilman.

    Akira has to deal with extreme changes to his personality as a result of his new power, while also working to protect his loved ones from the rising devil threat.

    Devilman Crybaby has won a lot of fans not only for its dark story but also for its excellent animation courtesy of the hugely popular Science SARU. This anime is quite a feast for the eyes.

  10. K-On!

    Slice-of-life anime are a great way to spend long weekends or summer holidays when you have nothing to do. K-On is a classic, and you might just find yourself binging the series for days on end!

    K-On follows the exploits of an all-girls high school music club that’s on the verge of disbanding due to a lack of members.

    Yui joins, believing the club to be about simple instruments, but asks to leave when she realises it’s more like an actual band. However, the other members convince her to stay.

    The series follows the young group’s life at high school, including their practice time together.

  11. Re:Zero

    There are a lot of isekai anime out there, but few offer as much drama and psychological twists as Re:Zero. This anime is sure to lift you out of your slump and have you watching full of excitement!

    The story follows Natsuki Subaru, a shut-in NEET who, on his way home from the convenience store, suddenly finds himself in a fantasy world. He is saved from some thugs by a half-elf named Emilia, but when he later tries to return the favour, both of them are killed.

    Suddenly, Subaru wakes up in the fantasy world where he started. Cursed with going back in time after his death, he saves Emilia from her fate and pledges to support her mission to be appointed the next queen of the kingdom.

    While the setting and characters in Re:Zero are quite similar to most isekai and fantasy anime, Re:Zero has a notably dark and psychological side to its story.

    It also has one of anime’s most iconic characters in Rem, the blue-haired maid.

  12. Dropkick on My Devil!

    If you're in the mood for a fast and sharp comedy to wake you up, Dropkick on My Devil could be just the show for you!

    The comedy anime follows Yurine, a goth girl who summons a demon named Jashin-chan from hell. However, not knowing how to send her back, the demon is forced to live with Yurine unless it can kill her.

    Jashin-chan is clumsy, and Yurine can quite easily turn the tables – often in violent ways – whenever Jashin-chan tries to drop-kick her. With Jashin-chan able to regenerate herself, Yurine often kills the demon as punishment.

    However, between the constant fighting and Jashin-chan's various deaths sits a fantasy slice-of-life comedy as the demon – and other characters summoned from heaven and hell – get accustomed to their seemingly endless life on Earth.

  13. Mirai Nikki

    On the subject of iconic characters, few yandere anime characters are as iconic as Yuno Gasai. You need to see this show to understand why.

    Mirai Nikki (The Future Diary) follows quiet high-schooler Yukiteru who one day discovers that his cellphone diary is predicting events in his near future. He then learns that other people, including his stalker classmate Yuno, also have similar diaries.

    Yuki, Yuno and 10 others are part of a game being run by the god of space and time to find their successor and prevent the apocalypse; the last player alive will take his seat as the next god.

    While Yuki searches for a non-violent way out of the fight, Yuno obsessively accompanies him, killing anyone who would stand between her and Yuki.

    Beyond Yuno, Mirai Nikki is a solid battle royale series that you can easily binge through when bored.

  14. KonoSuba

    Sometimes, a light-hearted comedy is all you need. KonoSuba is one of the funniest comedy anime of recent years, playing on a lot of isekai tropes to deliver a thoroughly entertaining series for anime fans.

    The series follows Kazuma who, like many isekai protagonists, meets an untimely death and finds himself in the presence of an arrogant goddess that offers him a chance at life in another world, where he can take one item of his choosing. In spite, Kazuma chooses to take the goddess herself.

    When the two of them arrive in the fantasy world, they discover that they’re both pretty useless.

    Struggling to scrape by a living, they end up creating a malfunctioning team of adventurers with a masochistic crusader and a mage who is always blowing stuff up.

  15. Komi Can't Communicate

    This fast-paced, wholesome school comedy anime is the perfect thing to drop in and out of whenever you get a spare few minutes.

    The story revolves around Komi, a high-school girl who looks like a perfect ice queen from a distance. However, Komi actually has extreme social anxiety which stops her from talking to others.

    Tadano, the painfully ordinary boy sat next to her, notices her condition and decides to help her, discovering Komi's dream of making 100 friends.

    Each episode follows Komi and Tadano on their mission which brings together a whole cast of weird and hilarious classmates, particularly the energetic and genderqueer Najimi.

    Most Komi Can't Communicate episodes are divided into three small stories, so even if you only have ten minutes to spare, you can enjoy the class antics.

  16. Kiznaiver

    While it’s probably not the most complete series, Kiznaiver is a great anime to binge thanks to its incredibly sharp visuals and interesting premise.

    Set in the futuristic Sugomori City, the story follows Katsuhira Agata, a quiet and often bullied kid who can barely feel pain.

    One day, he is greeted by a mysterious and emotionless girl who explains that he, along with six varied students, has been chosen to form part of the experimental Kizna System. As Kiznaivers, the seven students are given scars that allow them to physically share their pain.

    The anime follows the students as they try to look past their different and flawed personalities to uncover the true meaning behind the Kiznaiver experiments.

  17. Gintama

    If you’re looking for a binge-worthy comedy anime, Gintama should be somewhere on your list. There is a reason it still remains one of the top anime of all time on MyAnimeList!

    The Gintama series takes place in the historic city of Edo, although in this world it’s been taken over by aliens that have banned the carrying of swords in public.

    The story largely follows the eccentric samurai Gintoki Sakata who, along with a teenage samurai and an alien girl, make up Yorozuya (literally ‘the anything store’), performing odd jobs to make enough money for rent.

    Gintama is largely a gag anime, with only a few story arcs across its years of episodes. The series has made a name for itself through rude jokes and spoofing other shows, so look out for lots of anime references!

  18. Steins;Gate

    Sometimes a mystery anime is just what you need when you’re bored, and Steins;Gate is one of the best mystery anime around.

    Steins;Gate follows the exploits of self-proclaimed mad scientist Rintarou Okabe, who rents out a single room in a flat that doubles as his secret laboratory.

    While much of his work is brushed off as nonsense ramblings, that changes when he accidentally discovers that one of his experiments, a ‘phone microwave’, can send messages into the past and alter the flow of time.

    As Okabe tries to develop his machine further, jumping back and forth through time, his small group starts to attract the attention of outsiders, including the acclaimed scientist Makise Kurisu.

  19. Kill la Kill

    Kill la Kill is a must-watch series for fans of action anime with a female lead. It’s a fantasy action series with great visuals and exciting characters that make it easy to binge-watch when bored.

    The story primarily takes place in Honnouji Academy, a unique prestigious school where the powerful student council rules over all. The elite members of the student council wield powerful god clothes that offer the wearer superhuman abilities.

    Ryuuko arrives at the academy to avenge her dead father, with her only lead being the remaining half of his secret weapon, the Scissor Blade. When she’s beaten by the Student Council, she discovers in the remains of her home a set of god clothes of her own.

    Now armed with more power, it’s up to her to stand up against the Studen Council and unravel the mystery surrounding her father’s death.

    Kill la Kill is a hugely fun series, balancing great action with light-hearted moments. Whether you enjoy action or comedy, there’s plenty to enjoy here.

  20. The Perfect Insider

    Cozy crime has become something of a phenomenon in recent years. People love switching off with a murder mystery that is light on the violence.

    The Perfect Insider is probably the closest thing to cozy crime I've seen in anime.

    The story revolves around Shiki Magata, a genius programmer who has lived in solitary confinement on an island ever since murdering her parents as a child.

    When Professor Saikawa takes his class, including prodigy Moe Nishinosono, on a visit, they discover that Shiki has been killed and try to help find who's responsible.

    While there's a murder at the heart of the story, the series plays it out more like a puzzle than anything grizzly. The mystery is enjoyably difficult and supported by good chemistry between Saikawa and Moe.

    Plus, with The Perfect Insider only 11 episodes long, you can comfortably get through the whole anime in a weekend.

We hope this list of great anime will help alleviate your boredom! Got more recommendations? Drop them in the comments!

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