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15 Anime Like Fairy Tail to Watch

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Anime like Fairy Tail to Watch
Credit: Satelight/A-1 Pictures

Fairy Tail is a beloved shounen anime that has been released for quite some time now. Like One Piece and Naruto, it is an anime that embodies joy and friendship on a whole new level. If you miss Fairy Tail and want to see something similar, here are 15 anime like Fairy Tail for you to binge-watch!

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  1. The Seven Deadly Sins

    In many aspects, The Seven Deadly Sins is similar to Fairy Tail. It will always remind you of Fairy Tail, not only because it is situated in a magical world, but also because of the outrageous humor, powerful cast of characters, and fantastic fight sequences.

    The Seven Deadly Sins, in my opinion, has better pacing and fighting animations than Fairy Tail, therefore it is definitely worth checking out.

    The anime follows the seven deadly sins as they struggle against the Liones Kingdom's corrupted holy knights.

    Princess Elizabeth sorely needs their assistance, but not before she learns that Meliodas, an undersized pervert with a broken sword and his talking pig, will be in charge.

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  2. Seraph of the End

    Seraph of the End is an anime like Fairy Tail in that both series are action-packed but also have some lighthearted and funny moments.

    Aside from that, both main characters are destined to travel from one adventure to the next while supported by an unusual group of allies.

    The anime follows Yuichiro and his friends as they attempt to flee the vampire lords' clutches. It is up to Yuichiro and his comrades to reverse the tides against their foes in a world where vampires reign supreme and the majority of adults have succumbed to a fatal plague.

  3. Magi: The Laybrinth of Magic

    The elements and narrative of magic are central to both Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic and Fairy Tail.

    Both shows have a lot of comedy and strong companionship across a number of adventures. In contrast to Fairy Tail, Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic is more serious and has more depth.

    Alibaba, an ambitious and treasure-seeking young boy; the enigmatic Aladdin, who carries a flute; and Morgiana, a chained slave, are all featured in the anime.

    The three of them embark on a quest to battle evil and corrupt forces in a world where treasure dungeons and magic exist.

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  4. Code: Breaker

    Both Code: Breaker and Fairy Tail are shonen series that combine superpowers, similar characters, and a dash of humor into a single story.

    Both series include a group of friends with special talents as well as a nagging girl who always gets in the way of the protagonist's life.

    The anime follows Rei Ogami, a code breaker who lives by the motto "An eye for an eye." He is a ruthless and murderous assassin who feels no remorse for killing people.

    Sakura Sakurakouji, a powerful martial artist and Rei's classmate, discovers Rei's secret one day.

  5. Black Clover

    When it comes to the narrative use of magic, wizards, guilds, power-ups, and friendship, Black Clover and Fairy Tail are highly similar.

    Both shows are noted for their "never give up" attitude, as well as their spirit of friendship, rivalry, and badass battle scenes.

    The fact that Black Clover is not as emotive as Fairy Tail is probably its most distinguishing feature.

    Unlike his skilled adversary, Yuno, Asta is a young boy without outstanding magical abilities. Despite their polar contrasts, Asta and Yuno are friendly rivals who hope to one day become the Wizard King.

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  6. High School DxD

    You'll probably disagree, but High School DxD and Fairy Tail have a lot in common when it comes to humorous and ridiculous ecchi scenes. Both series contain magical and supernatural battles, despite their different contexts.

    The only problem is that High School DxD is a show that calls for fan service a lot!

    The protagonist of High School DxD is the perverse Issei, who enrolls in the once-all-female Kuou Academy.

    At first, everything seemed to be going well for Issei, but then her girlfriend stabbed him in the heart and revealed that she was a fallen angel.

    Fortunately, Issei's classmate and busty demon Rias saves him under the condition that he serves as her servant.

  7. Sword Art Online

    Sword Art Online, despite being an isekai anime, is similar to Fairy Tail in terms of world construction, guilds, and the occasional romance.

    Both of these shows feature characters that are extremely dedicated to helping not only their friends but everyone except their adversaries.

    Sword Art Online follows Kirito, a VR MMORPG player who becomes stuck in the Sword Art Online game.

    The only way he can return to his physical form is to defeat the tower's 100-level final boss, but only if his lifeline does not drop to zero.

  8. DanMachi

    DanMachi is similar to Fairy Tail in two ways: both series focus on guilds and feature a fire-caster protagonist.

    While Fairy Tail shines in terms of character development and dynamics due to the show's length, DanMachi, despite being shorter, has a better story and combat scenes.

    The anime follows Bell Cranel, a novice adventurer who is more interested in finding females than fame and fortune. It is set in the fictional city of Orario.

    He idolizes Ais Wallenstein, a formidable swordswoman, and resolves to become as strong as her. It will not be a simple assignment, as many girls and even goddesses and deities will come to him to disrupt his plans.

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  9. The Law of Ueki

    Notably, Ueki and Natsu have a striking resemblance. Their personalities are the same as well. This is one of the many reasons why The Law of Ueki is an anime like Fairy Tail.

    Both series feature enough comedy in their combat sequences and collective efforts, not to mention similar adventures and magical plots.

    The Law of Ueki follows Ueki, a junior high school boy with the capacity to transform garbage into trees.

    Despite this, Mr. K., Ueki's teacher, nominates him to fight with other powers in the tournament to become the new Celestial King.

  10. Radiant

    While Natsu has the ability to slay dragons, the main character in Radiant can also use magic with his bare hands and has horns.

    Radiant and Fairy Tail are both involved in magical and fantasy settings with the nearly identical goal of locating something that is missing.

    Radiant follows Seth, an aspiring wizard who was a survivor after being contaminated by the Nemesis.

    They are the creatures that have fallen from the sky and contaminate everyone and everything they come into contact with. Seth gains powers instead of being contaminated!

    Seth is determined to find the island of Radiant and permanently erase the existence of Nemesis.

  11. Edens Zero

    The same mangaka created Edens Zero and Fairy Tail. Not only do their art styles resemble, but both of these shows pursue exciting adventures, use magical powers, and incorporate humorous moments into the plot.

    Edens Zero will definitely appeal to you because it is an anime like Fairy Tail but set in space.

    Shiki, who lives in an abandoned amusement park in the kingdom of Granbell, is the protagonist of the anime. He runs into Rebecca and her cat-like companion, Happy, at the front gates one day.

    While Shiki enjoys making new friends, his neighbors are planning a robot revolt. As a result, Shiki joins Rebecca and Happy on their journey to the cosmos.

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  12. UQ Holder

    When it comes to a positive and cheerful atmosphere, UQ Holder is an anime like Fairy Tail.

    Both are entertaining and incorporate swords and sorcery into their plots. Both main characters are also powerful individuals who embark on an adventure to achieve their objectives.

    Tota Kanoe, the grandson of the legendary hero Negi Springfield, is the protagonist of the anime.

    While he tries to live an exciting life because of his bloodline, he is stuck in a mundane situation in which he must defeat his teacher and foster parent, Yukihime.

    Tota discovers the truth about his identity after Yukihime is attacked one day.

  13. Katekyo Hitman Reborn

    Natsu and Tsunayoshi both fight with fire. The use of elements such as fire, ice, thunder, and swords in Katekyo Hitman Reborn is sufficient to qualify it as an anime like Fairy Tail.

    Both shows have likable characters, an intriguing premise, and good comedy sprinkled throughout.

    Tsunayoshi Sawada, a once frail young boy, meets the infant mafia Hitman Reborn. What appears to be his tutor turns out to be his master!

    Tsuna is informed by Reborn that the prominent Vongola family has chosen him as the next heir.

  14. MAR

    MAR is an anime like Fairy Tail in that both shows are full of adventure. In this same fantasy and magical world, the spirit of friendship is also strong. Throughout their stories, these two shows maintained the shounen glory.

    MAR is an isekai anime in which the lazy Ginta is transported to the magical world of MAR Heaven.

    It appears to be a world of sorcery and beasts, and the only way for Ginta to return home is to defeat the Evil Queen alongside his newfound friends.

  15. Beelzebub

    Fairy Tail and Beelzebub both excel at shounen comedy. Both of these shows' main characters are simple-minded, which will provide viewers with some good laughs.

    Notably, both Natsu and Oga have very similar personalities. Beelzebub also has a lot of action here and there to keep your adrenaline pumping.

    Oga, the most prominent delinquent at Ishiyama High, is the star of Beelzebub. In an unexpected turn of events, Oga encounters a strange man floating down a river, only to find the man split in half.

    Oga discovers a baby inside the man, who turns out to be Beelzebub, the future Demon King. Beelzebub latched onto Oga after recognizing him as his father, and his life would never be the same again.

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