Does Asta Ever Get Magic in Black Clover?

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Does Asta Ever Get Magic in Black Clover?
Credit: Pierrot
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Having made it to the Τop 100 list of most popular anime on MyAnimeList, Black Clover is one of the most well-loved shonen anime out there. Even though the anime was discontinued, the manga is still going strong, and so does the eternal question of Black Clover: does Asta ever get magic powers?

About Black Clover

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Credit: Pierrot

Black Clover follows Asta and Yuno, who were raised together after being abandoned at a church as babies. Growing up, both dreamed of becoming a "Wizard King," the strongest mage in the kingdom, and promised to compete against each other for the role.

This, however, doesn't go as planned. While Yuno grows strong indeed, Asta seems to have no aptitude for magic, despite his many attempts to awaken his abilities. When the two boys are in their teens, Yuno receives a rare four-leaf grimoire, given only to talented mages.

Despite his lack of magic, Asta obtains a five-leaf grimoire which allows him to use anti-magic. The two friends both set out with the same goal; to become the Wizard King. But can Asta, who lacks mana, ever get close to the coveted title, and does he ever get magic?

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Does Asta Ever Get Magic in Black Clover?

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Credit: Pierrot

Asta is considered an anomaly in his world, as he does not possess mana, and is, therefore, unable to use magic. Liebe, the demon attached to his five-leaf grimoire, however, bestows upon him another, much rarer ability; Anti-magic.

His lack of mana paired with his aptitude for Anti-magic allows him to make what would have been a weakness into a strength. Not having manga to exhaust, his energy doesn't get drained while wielding Anti-magic, which involves the nullification of any magic.

As later episodes reveal, Asta's mother was able to absorb mana uncontrollably, explaining why her son was born without. Therefore, his extreme aptitude for anti-magic is a coincidence that keeps the anime going.

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Of course, none of this has stopped Asta from wanting to have magic, but, so far, it hasn't happened. Meanwhile, he's been ticking other shonen anime hero boxes by becoming as physically strong as possible.


Is that and his anti-magic enough for Asta to become the Wizard King? Yuno's magic still makes him a more likely candidate but many fans still refuse to believe that Black Clover would defy all shonen tropes and allow the main character not to be the best at something.

With the anime discontinued for now, fans will have to wait for the manga to reveal whether Asta will get magical powers. But it's partly this uncertainty that makes Black Clover worth watching.

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