DanMachi Season 4 Release Date, Studio, Where to Watch, Trailer and Everything You Need to Know!

DanMachi Season 4 Release Date, Studio, Where to Watch, Trailer and Everything You Need to Know!

DanMachi Season 4 Release Date, Studio, Where to Watch, Trailer and Everything You Need to Know!

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DanMachi is finally returning to our screens. If you can’t wait to find out what happens next, check below for DanMachi Season 4’s release date, studio, where to watch, trailer and everything you need to know.

Readers are anticipating that DanMachi 4 could be the best season yet, and the original author is working on the series officially for the first time.

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What Will Happen in DanMachi Season 4?

The fourth season of Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon will continue where season 3 left off.

The third season of the fantasy adventure anime covered volumes 9-11 of the light novel, focusing on Wiene, the Vouivre that ends up wreaking havoc in Orario.

If the series keeps the pace of previous seasons, season 4 should adapt volumes 12-14 of the light novel.

In season 4, we expect Bell and the rest of the adventurers to explore the Great Fall, the start of the dungeon’s Lower Levels.

There will be much more time spent in the dungeons than in Season 3, with new threats and discoveries in the Water City.

Without spoiling too much, the story will likely have a big focus on Ryuu Lion, who ends up spending a lot of time fighting alongside Bell when they are seperated from the rest.

Many fans believe the upcoming novels to be some of the darkest and most despairing in the series so far, so it will be interesting to see how this is portrayed.

If done well, we could be in for an intense season!

DanMachi Season 4 Release Date

DanMachi Season 4 Release Date
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DanMachi Season 4 will premiere on July 23, 2022, in Japan and July 22 in the US and Europe, due to timezone differences.

The first episode of Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon Season 4 will air on Tokyo MX at 1:05 AM Japanese time. As a result, most viewers in the West should be able to stream the premiere on Friday, July 22nd.

That broadcast slot is similar to what streamers saw for The Executioner and Her Way of Life, another series produced by JC Staff and published by Sentai Filmworks (see the Where to Watch section below).

The two series have been collaborating across other media since the start of the Spring 2022 season:

If DanMachi follows the same simulcast template as Virgin Road, episodes should be available one hour after they air in Japan.

With that in mind, here is when we roughly expect you’ll be able to stream the first episode of DanMachi Season 4:

  • Pacific Time: 10:05 AM PT (Friday, July 22)
  • Central Time: 12:05 PM CT (Friday, July 22)
  • Eastern Time: 1:05 PM ET (Friday, July 22)
  • British Time: 6:05 PM BST (Friday, July 22)

While not explicitly confirmed yet, it’s expected that the series will air weekly at this time.

DanMachi Season 4 COUNTDOWN

DanMachi Season 4 Release Date Countdown

If there are any updates or official confirmation regarding the simulcast time of the first episode, we will update this countdown.

Where to Watch DanMachi Season 4

DanMachi Season 4 Release Date, Trailer, Where to Watch
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DanMachi Season 4 will premiere in Japan on Tokyo MX. The series will stream internationally in most regions on HIDIVE.

While it has been around for a while, HIDIVE has gained more major shows recently, including Spring hit Ya Boy Kongming. The platform is owned by Sentai Filmworks, a major distributor with licences for many big anime series.

Pretty much all Sentai Filmworks anime are now exclusively available on HIDIVE. Earlier this year, the first three seasons of DanMachi were removed from Crunchyroll and are now only available on Sentai’s platform.

In May, HIDIVE finally confirmed that DanMachi IV will be appearing on their platform, alongside a handful of other Sentai-licensed anime:

For English dub fans, HIDIVE does produce simuldubs similar to Crunchyroll. We generally see this announced a month or so after the series has premiered.

Aniplus Asia will be simulcasting DanMachi Season 4 in most Asian regions outside of Japan. In Japan, the series will appear on multiple streaming platforms after its traditional broadcast, including Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and Disney+.

There is no word yet regarding an episode count for the upcoming series. It’s assumed, however, that this will be another single-cour series, either 12 or 13 episodes, in line with previous seasons.

What Studio is Producing DanMachi Season 4?

DanMachi Season 4 Release Date Trailer Studio
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As with previous seasons, DanMachi Season 4 is being produced by J.C. Staff, with support from EGG FIRM and SB Creative.

Much of the staff for the fourth season of Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon remain from season 3. Director Hideki Tachibana has worked almost exclusively on the franchise since taking over as director in season 2.

The most notable news regarding season 4’s production is the script. The series composition remains with Hideki Shirane, who has handled the role since season 1. However, he is now being supported by the original author Fujino Omori, who is serving as script supervisor.

It’s not known why Fujino Omori is only now joining the production team officially and not in previous seasons. Fans can hope that this signals the amount of importance being placed on making sure this upcoming season is adapted correctly.

The ending theme is being performed by Saori Hayami, a prolific voice actor who is currently playing Spy x Family’s Yor Forger, among others.

The opening theme for season 4 is being performed by sajou no hana, who previously performed the ending theme for season 3.

DanMachi Season 4 Trailer

It’s almost time to return to Orario! When we hear any more official news, we’ll update this page, so stay tuned ahead of the big premiere in July 2022!

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