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Does Denji Die in Chainsaw Man?

Does Denji Die in Chainsaw Man Denji
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In Chainsaw Man, life is fleeting, passing in an instant. Character deaths are not uncommon in a setting populated by devils, hybrids, fiends, and devil hunters, as no one is completely safe, including the main characters. With everything that has happened so far, does Denji die in Chainsaw Man?

Spoiler Warning: There are Chainsaw Man manga spoilers ahead!

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Does Denji Die?

Denji survives his first encounter with the Katana Man and Akane Sawatari in Chainsaw Man Episode 9.

Despite having his body severed in two, Denji is still alive, thanks to Kobeni's efforts to fight both Katana Man and Akane Sawatari at the same time to protect his body.

As a result, Denji survives, especially after being allowed to drink blood and regenerate his lost body parts as if nothing had happened.

But Denji has almost been killed before. The yakuza set him up to become the Zombie Devil's supper, but not until Pochita sacrificed his physical body to become Denji's heart.

Even after having his body parts dismembered, Denji was able to return to his normal body relatively unscathed due to his contract with Pochita, which transformed him into a hybrid.

Does Denji Die Denji
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Denji fought for his life for the second time when he encountered the Eternity Devil.

He used his chainsaws to cut the flesh of the Eternity Devil for three days in a row after discovering that he could regenerate as much as he wanted by drinking the devil's blood.

However, Himeno had to pull the cord on his chest to help him out of a dangerous situation at one point.

Not to mention Denji's intense training with Kishibe and Power, in which they both nearly died multiple times.

According to Kishibe, Denji and Power are being trained to face the Gun Devil, who is after Denji's heart.

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Is Denji Dead in the Chainsaw Man Manga?

No, even after everything that has happened in the Chainsaw Man manga, Denji is not yet dead. He made it through the Bomb Devil, International Assassins, and Control Devil arcs, and even ended the situation with Makima.

In fact, Denji survived being decapitated, blown apart, cut in half, dismembered, and many other things.

Is Denji Dead in the Chainsaw Man Manga Denji
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Now that the manga has entered the War Devil arc, it is up to Denji to survive once more, but without the assistance of his comrades who died in Chainsaw Man Part 1.

He would have to face the War Devil on his own this time, after being enticed to go on a date with Asa Mitaka.

Denji accepts Asa's offer to hang out because he is a simpleton who wishes to go on a date and marry someday.

However, we all know by now that she was only planning to weaponize Denji and not actually date him.

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Can Denji Die?

Yes, Denji can die in Chainsaw Man. Denji's killer would technically have to rip his heart from his body and destroy it in order to prevent it from completely regenerating.

The killer can also take away all of Denji's blood and ensure that he will not be able to drink blood somewhere.

Simply put, take away Denji's access to blood and he will die after losing so much blood.

His killer could also persuade or push him to break the contract with Pochita, leaving his body to die; however, this will be a difficult option to pursue.

Can Denji Die Denji
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After all, separating Denji and Pochita from each other is the hardest yet most certain way to get rid of him for good.

Nonetheless, it will be difficult to defeat Denji and banish him from the world.

Even if Denji dies, Chainsaw Man can reincarnate in hell and wreak havoc once more, along with the Blood Devil with whom it made a contract before.

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