Will Asa and Denji End Up Together in Chainsaw Man? Our Predictions

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Will Asa and Denji End Up Together in Chainsaw Man Denji
Credit: MAPPA

Asa Mitaka surprised both Denji and the readers when she asked him out on a date in Chainsaw Man Chapter 112. But will this unpredictable move come to mean more, and will Asa and Denji end up together? Here are our predictions.

Why Did Asa Ask Denji on a Date?

Why Did Asa Ask Denji on a Date Asa and Yoru
Credit: Tatsuki Fujimoto / Shueisha / Viz Media / MAPPA

Asa dislikes Denji, but she asked him on a date due to her misunderstood plan of defeating Chainsaw Man as per the War Devil's requests and reassuming control of her body.

At first, Asa was reluctant to help Yoru -- as the War Devil calls herself -- defeat her archenemy, Chainsaw Man, as she was personally indifferent to devil conflicts.

However, seeing her only friend, Yuko, suffering and becoming a devil deeply affected Asa.

To stop this from happening again, she decides to help Yoru defeat Chainsaw Man in hopes that, once she's able to return to full power, Yoru will let her have full control of her own body once again.

The only flaw in the plan is that Asa and Yoru have no idea that Denji is the real Chainsaw Man.

Instead, they're persuaded that Chainsaw Man is a devil hunter named Iseumi, who welcomes Asa into his devil-hunting group.

Unlike Denji, Asa Mitaka is a fiend, so her body is taken over by a devil, and she only retains her consciousness and identity because Yoru allowed this to happen.


Does Asa Like Denji?

Why Did Asa Ask Denji on a Date Asa and Yoru
Credit: Tatsuki Fujimoto / Shueisha / Viz Media / MAPPA

To put it simply, no, Asa does not like Denji. In fact, Asa's dislike for Denji is partly why she chose to ask him out in particular.

Yoru needs Asa to use the War Devil's power to create a destructive weapon to attack Chainsaw Man with.

Unfortunately for Asa, the weapon must be made out of something or someone she cares about -- or at least a person or object she would regret destroying.

Knowing that she cannot choose a random criminal who, in her mind, would deserve to die, Asa decides to choose her victim among people she dislikes, but whom she doesn't consider bad enough to deserve death.

Unfortunately, this person turns out to be Denji; a classmate Asa dislikes, but who also isn't as bad as a criminal.


By Chapter 119, Asa's feelings seem to be more complicated than initially suspected.

Does Asa Like Denji
Credit: MAPPA

The two appear to have become closer during the time they spent trapped in an aquarium, with Denji even noting that Asa reminds him of a friend (likely meaning Power).

Asa slowly warms up to Denji to the point of organizing another date, though she immediately goes on to say that she hates him and only dated him because she was bored.

To complicate matters further, Yoru has mentioned feeling Asa's infatuation, which suggests that Asa hasn't been entirely honest.

It is entirely possible that Asa has developed feelings for Denji by now but pretends to feel differently in order to keep them away and save him from Yoru's plan.

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Does Denji Like Asa?

Does Denji Like Asa Denji
Credit: MAPPA

As for Denji, he seems to have developed feelings for Asa. Of course, this doesn't say much, as Denji only ever thinks about cute girls, but his banter with Asa does feel different than his brother-sister relationship with Power.

Moreover, having had some character development by now, Denji is hurt and confused by Asa's unpredictable behavior, showing that he did care about dating her even if he isn't fully in love yet.

Denji isn't the best character in terms of morality, but, in many ways, he's endearing to fans, as Fujimoto allowed him to be raw and real; a stark opposition to more idealized shonen anime and manga characters.

Does Denji Like Asa Chainsaw Man
Credit: MAPPA

While he's a powerful hybrid, what Denji really cares about is a normal life with a girlfriend, rather than saving the world.


This makes it even worse because all the girls he cares about in a romantic way end up betraying him somehow.

As such, many fans hope that there will be some sort of twist this time, and that, perhaps, he and Asa will actually fall in love -- or at least that Asa will refuse to kill him when the time comes.

So far, there are many implications that this is the case for Asa. She's been shown to act coldly in the past, showing relatively little emotion when people die, but she's done her best to keep Denji from being turned into a weapon.

Asa's agenda isn't entirely clear at this point due to her conflicting behavior.

Will Asa and Denji End Up Together?

Will Asa and Denji End Up Together in Chainsaw Man Denji
Credit: MAPPA

It's quite unlikely that Asa and Denji would end up together, though we don't put it beyond Chainsaw Man to make such a wild decision.

Asa and Denji are incompatible in more ways than one. He's over-the-top, extroverted, and not particularly bright, thinking only about girls and food.

Meanwhile, Asa is cold, calculating, and introverted, with no particular communication skills.

It's quite common for characters in literature and media to date even though they are entirely different from each other, but so far, we cannot think of anything that would make Asa like Denji.

Of course, Chainsaw Man hardly ever goes the way fans predict it'll go, so some readers hope for a twist.

Given their unexpectedly fun dynamic and shared misfit status, we do think that a relationship between Denji and Asa would be very interesting to watch.


Of course, sharing a body with Denji's sworn enemy is bound to make such a relationship impossible for Asa.

Even if Yoru got persuaded not to turn Denji into a weapon, she would never be content to let him live if she found out that he's Chainsaw Man.

At this point, we can only keep reading and hope that the new budding ship won't result in another tragedy.

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