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What Is the Devil Inside the Hotel in Chainsaw Man?

What is the Devil Inside the Hotel in Chainsaw Man Denji
Credit: MAPPA

Denji and the others are about to face a new kind of terror in Chainsaw Man. After killing the Bat Devil and the Leech Devil, it’s time for a new devil to enter the picture. With such a huge request for devil hunters, what is the devil inside the hotel in Chainsaw Man?

Chainsaw Man is full of interesting devils who prey on people's fears. They are essentially the living embodiments of people's fears, capable of entering into a contract with a foolish or bold human.

Surprisingly, all the devils in Chainsaw Man want Denji's heart.

Spoiler Warning: There are Chainsaw Man manga spoilers ahead!

What Is the Devil Inside the Hotel in Chainsaw Man?

What is the Devil Inside the Hotel in Chainsaw Man Kobeni
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Credit: MAPPA

The Eternity Devil is the devil inside the hotel in Chainsaw Man. The Public Safety Devil Hunters sent Aki and Himeno's unit to get rid of it after the first devil hunters who came to kill it died.

It also has a Gun Devil fragment inside its heart, which accounts for its increased strength.

The Eternity Devil initially appears only as a floating head in front of Aki and the others.

While Power believed she was the one who killed it, Himeno used her Ghost Devil abilities to slice the head in half.

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How Strong Is the Eternity Devil?

Aki and the others eventually made their way into the hotel and up the stairs to the eighth floor.

There, the devil hunters realized they couldn't climb or descend from the eighth floor. Worse, the time has stopped on the floor as well.

The Eternity Devil had trapped Aki and the others in an endless loop on the eighth floor.

They all realized that going out the windows or climbing through the ceiling will not help them leave the floor.

As a result, Kobeni panics and asserts that they will all perish in the hotel.

Because they are cut off from the outside world, no other devil hunters will come to their aid.

How Strong is the Eternity Devil in Chainsaw Man Power
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Credit: MAPPA

Unfortunately, Power also ate all of the food they had gathered on the hotel's eighth floor, making the situation worse.

Himeno soon discovered that the floating head she slashed off at the entrance had grown in size.

The Eternity Devil, as it turns out, can grow in size as long as people are afraid of him.

The Eternity Devil proposed a contract with the devil hunters, promising to let them all live in exchange for Denji's heart.

While Kobeni, Arai, and Power wish to sacrifice Denji, Aki and Himeno work tirelessly to prevent them.

Denji's sacrifice will be worthwhile for Kobeni because she will be able to continue supporting her brother's education.

How Strong is the Eternity Devil in Chainsaw Man Arai
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Credit: MAPPA

On the other hand, Denji's death will mean that Arai can continue to adore Himeno.

But for Power, she wishes to sacrifice Denji in order to fulfill her dream of receiving the Nobel Prize.

Meanwhile, Himeno strongly opposes Aki's desire to use his sword to defeat the Eternity Devil.

Aki is powerless to intervene because his Fox Devil power will be unable to enter the hotel because its body is in Kyoto.

Furthermore, Aki's lifespan will be drastically reduced if he uses his sword, leaving him unable to survive until the Gun Devil reappears.

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Who Killed the Eternity Devil?

Who Killed the Eternity Devil in Chainsaw Man Denji
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Credit: MAPPA

Denji killed the Eternity Devil in Chainsaw Man. He fought the Eternity Devil for three days.

After Kobeni accidentally stabbed Aki with a knife, Denji had no choice but to go and survive on his own.

Thanks to Power, she was able to immediately stop Aki's bleeding.

Denji began by slicing and cutting through the Eternity Devil's massive fleshy body.

Even after it has healed its parts, the Eternity Devil can feel the pain of Denji's chainsaws.

Who Killed the Eternity Devil Chainsaw Man
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Credit: MAPPA

Due to his low blood supply, Denji's chainsaws begin to retract, but instead of giving up, Denji drinks the Eternity Devil's blood, despite how bad it tastes.

As a result, Denji was able to kill the Eternity Devil by reaching its weak spot and severing its heart.

Eventually, Denji and the others were able to escape the hotel thanks to his heroic sacrifice. They also discovered a small fragment of the Gun Devil inside.

In the end, Denji fell unconscious in Himeno’s arms.

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