Chainsaw Man - Why Does Everyone Want Denji’s Heart?

Why Does Everyone Want Denji’s Heart in Chainsaw Man Denji
Credit: MAPPA

Why Does Everyone Want Denji’s Heart in Chainsaw Man Denji
Credit: MAPPA

The explosive first episode of Chainsaw Man left viewers in awe as Denji transformed into Chainsaw Man and ruthlessly killed every zombie in sight with a massive chainsaw protruding from his head. Now that Pochita has gone inside him, why does everyone want Denji’s heart in Chainsaw Man?

Warning: Chainsaw Man manga spoilers ahead!

Does Denji Have a Heart in Chainsaw Man?

Does Denji Have a Heart in Chainsaw Man Denji
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Credit: MAPPA

Before the incident with the Zombie Devil, Denji had a heart like other ordinary humans in Chainsaw Man.

Denji never considered selling his heart to pay off his debt and end his miserable life, even after he had sold some of his body parts, including his balls and one of his eyes.

Even though the yakuza are on his tail, he would rather settle for killing and hunting low-tier devils with Pochita.

After all, Denji believes he is already dying as a result of the heart disease he inherited from his mother.

Denji's only concern is Pochita, who will be alone once he dies. This urged him to ask a favor from Pochita to devour his body when his time is over.

Soon after, Denji encounters the Zombie Devil's minions, and he fights for his life.

Unfortunately, Denji's efforts were not enough to defeat the zombies, as both of them got dismembered and stashed inside one of the warehouse's garbage bins.

Fortunately, Denji's blood made its way into Pochita's mouth, allowing the Chainsaw Devil to regain consciousness.

Suddenly, Pochita recalls Denji's kindness and decides to keep his end of the bargain.

In exchange for the chance to see his dreams come true, Pochita becomes Denji's heart.

The rest is history, as Denji evolves into a Hybrid, a human with the ability to transform into the titular Chainsaw Man.

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Why Is Denji’s Heart Special in Chainsaw Man?

Why is Denji’s Heart Special in Chainsaw Man Denji
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Credit: MAPPA

Denji’s heart is special mainly because it is Pochita or the Chainsaw Devil himself.

The Chainsaw Devil was once an unstoppable force in Hell. His fellow Devils fear him because of his unique ability to erase them from existence—along with the fear they represent.

Most notably, the Chainsaw Devil can devour them, preventing them from returning to the world. However, some Devils decided to confront the Chainsaw Devil and put an end to his long years of rampage.

The actions of the Chainsaw Devil prompted the Four Horsemen Devils and the Weapon Devils to pursue him.

Their combined efforts successfully defeated the Chainsaw Devil, who decided to transform into a dog-like devil form that no other Devil could recognize.

For unknown reasons, the Chainsaw Devil appears on Earth in the form of a dog-like devil and meets Denji.

They entered into a contract and have been hunting devils and living together in their run-down house ever since.

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Why Does Everyone Want Denji’s Heart in Chainsaw Man?

Why Does Everyone Want Denji’s Heart in Chainsaw Man Denji
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Credit: MAPPA

Because of Pochita, many Devils want to steal Denji's heart in Chainsaw Man. In particular, Makima desires Pochita so much that she will go to any lengths to get him.

Makima wants to use the Chainsaw Devil's power to usher in a new era for the world and its people because he can erase the existence of other Devils.

While her intentions are good, Makima's methods are extremely destructive.

Moreover, Makima will be able to liberate the world from unnecessary fear, pain, diseases, suffering, and other chaos that will drive the world insane if she obtains Pochita.

Aside from that, Makima has lived a long time and has witnessed every chaos in the world, which has driven her to do everything she can to change it to her liking.

As the Control Devil, Makima has a God complex throughout the series and would do anything, including sacrificing her comrades, to change the world.

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