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Is Makima Really Dead in Chainsaw Man?

Is Makima Dead in Chainsaw Man Makima
Credit: MAPPA

In Chainsaw Man, Makima is one of the most popular and possibly one of the strongest characters ever, antagonizing Denji and the others. But, as powerful as she can be, is Makima really dead in Chainsaw Man?

As the anime is currently airing and getting more exciting with each new episode, immerse yourself in the world of Chainsaw Man further by knowing who the series' strongest devils are!

Spoiler Warning: There are Chainsaw Man manga spoilers ahead!

Did Makima Die in the Train?

Did Makima Die in the Train Makima
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Credit: MAPPA

Makima survived the attack on the bullet train ride to Kyoto, despite being shot.

While Denji and the others are eating leisurely in Tokyo, Makima travels to Kyoto to meet with the organization's higher-ups.

However, Makima was shot by some of the assailants working for the Gun Devil, Akane Sawatari, and Katana Man before she could arrive in peace.

The rest of her unit died, except for her. She escaped the crime scene with only blood splatters on her uniform.

Makima survived the train assassination due to a secret contract she had with Japan's Prime Minister that allowed her to redirect any fatal injury or wound onto a random citizen dying from a terminal illness or disease.

While Akane Sawatari and the Katana Man attacked Denji and the others, Makima assisted her unit all the way from Kyoto by eliminating the assailants one by one.

Who Killed Makima in Chainsaw Man?

Who Killed Makima in Chainsaw Man
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In Chainsaw Man, Denji himself kills and eats Makima. By doing this, Denji is denying Makima her dream of being eaten by the Chainsaw Devil.

Makima and Denji had an odd relationship. She was the first person to rescue Denji from his miserable life, in which he could only survive on one slice of bread daily.

Despite the fact that Denji is a human-demon hybrid, Makima broke the rules just to make him a devil hunter.

Denji's lifestyle improved while under Makima's care. He has somehow become more human than he was before, from being able to eat delicious foods to having his own family.

When their paths crossed, Denji knew at that exact moment that he had taken a liking to Makima.

As a result, Denji often gets teased by Makima whenever she gets the chance to be alone with him.

Who Killed Makima in Chainsaw Man Makima
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As much as Denji wishes to kiss or sleep with Makima, the latter is uninterested in a mongrel like him.

Despite Denji's efforts to approach Makima, the latter always refused him, even in her last moments.

Makima appears to have successfully laid the groundwork for her nefarious plans against Denji.

She gave Denji happiness and a family to love, but she also broke his heart by taking it all away in an instant!

Worse, even if Denji is able to marry and have children in the future, Makima vows to take them all away without a second's hesitation.

Makima despised Denji so much that his mere existence irritated her.

Unfortunately for Denji, Makima only cares about the Chainsaw Devil.

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Is Makima Really Dead?

Is Makima Dead in Chainsaw Man Makima
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Credit: MAPPA

Yes, Makima died in Chainsaw Man.

Since Makima's identity was revealed, Denji has had ups and downs. From becoming the Chainsaw Demon to losing all of his friends, Denji has had to rely on his supporters to return to his human form.

Denji devised a strategy to defeat Makima in the final confrontation. He extracted Pochita from his heart in order to create his Chainsaw Devil form to fight Makima.

After Makima defeated Pochita, Denji used the opportunity to kill Makima with a chainsaw powered by Power's last blood.

Makima's regeneration abilities became slower as a result of Power's abilities, which messed her up from the inside out. Too bad Denji has decided to kill her for everything she has done.

Together with Kishibe, they chopped Makima into bits and pieces. Eventually, Denji decided to serve her with miso soup and stir-fried vegetables.

In the end, Denji denied Makima’s dream of being eaten by the Chainsaw Devil himself.

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Will Makima Return?

Will Makima Return in Chainsaw Man Makima
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Credit: MAPPA

As of writing, there are no known ways for Makima to return to Chainsaw Man. She continues to live inside Denji, who has devoured her down to the last bite.

The Control Devil, on the other hand, reincarnated almost immediately after Makima died.

It reappeared in Nayuta, a girl from China who was brought to Japan and placed in Denji's care.

On their first night together, Denji dreamt of Pochita. Pochita claims that the Control Devil finally revealed its dream after being eaten by Denji.

Ultimately, the Control Devil wishes to reestablish relationships wherein she is on equal footing with others.

Makima couldn't build relationships because she was the face of the Public Safety Devil Hunters. Hence, she yearns for a family that will accept her.

Makima's methods, however, were flawed, and she was killed as a consequence.

In any case, that's the kind of world Makima envisions.

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