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Can Chainsaw Man Die?

Can Chainsaw Man Die

After what felt like years of hype, Chainsaw Man has finally arrived on our screens! Saved by his only friend Pochita, Denji becomes a devil-slicing machine, but with a target slapped firmly on his back, can Chainsaw Man be killed?

Throughout the story, Chainsaw Man encounters enemies of all shapes and sizes, yet despite the punishment he receives, nobody can seem to finish him off. Is Denji an immortal being, or is there a way for someone to take down Chainsaw Man once and for all?

Note: Beware of spoilers for the Chainsaw Man manga and anime!

Can Chainsaw Man Die?

Can Chainsaw Man Denji Die Immortal
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It is impossible for Chainsaw Man to die through normal means. Throughout the Chainsaw Man manga, we see Denji destroyed beyond recognition, but with a little blood and a pull of his cord, he can regenerate himself entirely.

Chainsaw Man has this incredible gift thanks to his standing as a hybrid. All of Chainsaw Man’s devils have some form of regenerative ability around consuming blood, but hybrids take it to superhuman levels.

So long as any hybrid can get hold of some blood and trigger their activation – for Denji, that’s pulling his cord – they can fully regenerate, regardless of how little of them is left.

All devil hybrids in the series are essentially immortal, except for one point: they can be killed if eaten, as Denji discovers later in the story. However, it’s not known right now if that applies to all hybrids or is something unique to Denji.

Is Denji Immortal?

In the sense of the question above, Denji as he is now can be classed as immortal, lest we discover something in future. However, the human known as Denji is most certainly killed.

Denji does die at the beginning of Chainsaw Man, his limbs chopped and disposed of with the garbage. However, Pochita offers Denji his heart, bringing him back to life as a hybrid.

Makima describes Denji early on as ‘a human that can become a devil’, which is an oversimplified explanation for those around her that don’t know about hybrids (they are hugely rare in Chainsaw Man’s world).

In reality, the human Denji is finished, and the person we see is physically closer to a devil.

While Denji’s body is a devil, his mind and mannerisms are still his own. Unlike devil fiends which tend to take over the host body for themselves, Pochita wanted to see Denji live his dreams, so has left his sense of self intact.

The question of Denji being alive or not comes down to what you define as ‘Denji’ himself. As Denji has the same wants and needs as before, most people are happy to believe he is still here and, as a result, is now essentially immortal!

That is until someone discovers a new way to try to kill Chainsaw Man…

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