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Who Is Chainsaw Man’s Snake Girl? Akane Sawatari’s Abilities and Motivation Explained

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Who Is Chainsaw Man’s Snake Girl Akane Sawatari’s Abilities and Motivation Explained Akane Sawatari
Credit: MAPPA

After Denji and the others got shot by unknown assailants, Katana Man arrives to steal his heart. With Himeno and Aki down, Denji fights to the death to defeat Katana Man and the newly introduced antagonist, Akane Sawatari. So, who is Chainsaw Man’s Snake Girl? What are Akane Sawatari’s abilities and motivation for chasing Denji?

Spoiler Warning: There are spoilers for the Chainsaw Man manga and anime below.

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Who Is Akane Sawatari?

Who is Akane Sawatari
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Credit: MAPPA

Akane Sawatari is Chainsaw Man’s Snake Girl. She is one of the Snake Devil's contractors who wants to steal Denji's heart as a civilian devil hunter in the service of the Gun Devil.

Akane, unlike other girls, dresses up in hoodies, shorts, sneakers, and even tracksuits.

She is mostly apathetic, not showing any emotions no matter what happens in front of her.

However, when Makima started killing her colleagues one by one, Akane showed how terrified and surprised she was to know that Makima was still alive.

This only means that Akane fears Makima because of how strong her devil abilities are.

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What Are Akane Sawatari’s Motivations?

What are Akane Sawatari’s Motivations Akane Sawatari
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Credit: MAPPA

In the series, little is known about Akane Sawatari's motivations. The only certainty is that she works as a civilian devil hunter for the Gun Devil.

She also did not begin working with the Katana Man until they crossed paths.

Furthermore, Akane is the one who transformed Katana Man into a devil fiend.

She repeatedly saved Katana Man, which is why the two of them began working together.

Both of them intend to fight Makima's Special Division with zombies cultivated by the yakuza.

Later on in the manga, Akane and Katana Man decide to kill as many devil hunters as they can and escape using her Snake Devil ability in order to steal Denji's heart.

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What Is the Snake Devil?

What is the Snake Devil
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Credit: MAPPA

The Snake Devil embodies people's fear of snakes. It looks like a snake, except it's enormous and has a large mouth made of interlocking human arms.

The Snake Devil's personality, like that of the Curse Devil, is unknown. Akane Sawatari is the only known contractor for the Snake Devil as of writing.

Aside from absorbing the Ghost Devil, the Snake Devil can also release its powers, as shown later on in the series.

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What Are the Snake Devil’s Abilities?

What are the Snake Devil’s Abilities Akane and Ghost Devil
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Credit: MAPPA

The Snake Devil, like most devils, can regenerate, form contracts, possess corpses, feed on fear, reincarnate, and consume blood.

What distinguishes the Snake Devil from other devils is its ability to absorb and release other devils.

Akane uses the Snake Devil's power in exchange for her four fingernails.

The Snake Devil then absorbs its targets with Akane saying "devour completely," and the devil gives its target back when Akane says "release."

As shown in the manga, Akane can summon the Snake Devil's tail by saying "tail."

The only disadvantage is that Akane cannot use her devil abilities when her hands are held or tied together, as she attacks with hand motions.

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