10 of the Best Wit Studio Anime Ranked

10 Best Wit Studio Anime Ranked Anya Forger Spy x Family

10 Best Wit Studio Anime Ranked Anya Forger Spy x Family

Wit Studio is renowned for animating fan-favorite anime like Vinland Saga and Attack on Titan. Over the years, the studio has established itself as one of the greatest studios in the anime industry. So, here are 10 of the best Wit Studio anime that should be on your watchlist.

In its decade-long run so far, Wit Studio has managed to churn out a whopping library of 68 anime titles.

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  1. The Ancient Magus’ Bride

    Starting the list with The Ancient Magus’ Bride, the story follows a 15-year-old Japanese girl named Chise Hatori who was sold at an auction to a masked man for five million pounds.

    Chise was abandoned at a young age and was repeatedly made fun of because of her odd behavior.

    She was ready to accept her fate and give herself to anyone who was willing to offer her a place to live.

    On her way, she heard murmurs from robed men that the buyer got a rare Sleigh Beggy.

    The masked man ignores the gossip and takes Chise to a study where he reveals his identity as Elias Ainsworth who is a magus.

    There is a bit of confrontation between the two and soon they are teleported to Elias’ cottage in a rural part of England.

    Upon reaching the cottage, she is welcomed by fairies as fantastical beings surround her.

    Chise now looks forward to starting a new phase in her life as the bride of an ancient magus.

  2. Rolling Girls

    Rolling Girls was part of the Winter 2015 anime lineup. This adventure anime is set in the dystopian future where the political structure of Japan has crumbled post the Great Tokyo War.

    Japan is divided into 10 different nations and each nation is controlled by a group called the Best, who is a prophet with deadly superpowers.

    Nozomi Moritomo, who is a Rest (a normal girl), has started working in a local gang as a rookie.

    She wishes to help her childhood friend who happened to be Best Masami Utoku in a territorial dispute.

    When Masami is badly wounded, Nozomi vows to complete the mission on Masami’s behalf.

    On her journey, she joins forces with four girls and they travel across Japan on their motorcycles to complete several missions.

  3. After the Rain

    The After the Rain anime proves that Wit Studio is not just about animating action series, this anime is a slice-of-life series about a high school student and former track runner named Akira Tachibana.

    After a severe foot injury, Akira has been away from the track. She is a reserved high school student and her classmates find her attractive.

    However, she seems uninterested in boys. Akira starts working part-time at the Garden Café and falls in love with the 45-year-old manager named Masami Kondou.

    Masami is shown as a soft and gentle man who cares about his customers, and Akira is drawn to Masami’s kindness.

    They eventually come closer to each other and their bond blossoms. Akira can feel her emotions for him and decides to confess.

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  4. Bubble

    Apart from anime shows, Wit Studio has also animated movies like Bubble.

    Bubble starts when dangerous gravity-defying bubbles poured down on Earth, resulting in the massive destruction of a metropolis in Japan.

    The government decided to call it a prohibited zone and abandoned it.

    Children orphaned after the catastrophe roam aimlessly in Tokyo and participate in risky parkour battles.

    Hibiki, who is a talented parkour artist, can jump between bubbles. He states that he heard sounds coming from the Tokyo Tower.

    He decided to unravel the mysteries but instead falls into the water. However, a mysterious girl saves him and then Hibiki’s life changes forever.

    Bubble was released across the world on April 28, 2022. Fans can watch Bubble on Netflix.

  5. Ranking of Kings

    Ranking of Kings is the story of a young prince named Bojji, who can neither speak nor hear. The people of the kingdom often ridicule Bojji and call him the Useless Prince.

    Bojji may appear physically weak, but he has a strong heart. In this adventure and fantasy anime, Bojji encounters a shadow named Kage.

    After regular meetings, Kage begins to come closer to Bojji. Eventually, their friendship kickstarts Bojji’s journey to face his fears and embark on a mission to become the best king.

  6. Great Pretender

    After a series of unfavorable events, Makoto Edamura is forced to enter the world of crime as he starts pickpocketing and scamming innocent people.

    However, things take an ugly turn when he attempts to swindle a tourist but it turns out to be a trap.

    Soon, Makoto finds out that he is being followed by the police. As he attempts to flee, he runs into the tourist again and learns that he too is a con man. He is Laurent Thierry who follows Makoto to Los Angeles.

    Makoto ends up challenging Laurent as they try to pull off high-stake fraud across the globe.

    However, Makoto comes to terms that he needs to up his skills in order to continue being “Japan’s Greatest Swindler” in this action-filled anime.

  7. Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

    At the time of the industrial revolution, humankind is threatened when undead beasts named Kabane appeared. The only way to kill these monsters is by annihilating their steel-coated hearts.

    Unfortunately, if bitten by a Kabane, the victim becomes an undead zombie in this action, gore, and horror anime.

    The most protected civilizations have survived this tragedy and one of them is the island of Hinomoto.

    The inhabitants of Hinomoto have created a giant wall to keep the hordes of Kabane out of the island.

    The only way one can enter the island is through heavily-armored trains that are built and serviced by men like Ikoma.

    Meanwhile, Ikoma has invented a weapon that can prove to be deadly against Kabane. He is dying to test his weapon against the undead.

  8. Vinland Saga

    Entering the top three slot with Vinland Saga, MAPPA is taking care of the second season, but Wit Studio brought Vinland Saga to the reel life by animating the popular anime adaptation series of the same name.

    The first season of Vinland Saga introduces Thorfinn who is thrilled to hear the stories of the west. He dreams of going there but all his fantasies come to a rude stop when mercenaries raided his village.

    Later, Thorfinn is taken in and raised by the same Viking mercenaries who killed his family members. Thorfinn has vowed to challenge the group’s leader named Askeladd and avenge his father.

    Vinland Saga is a historical epic with a gripping storyline and is beautifully animated by Wit Studio.

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  9. Spy x Family

    Taking the second spot is the adventure and comedy anime series, Spy x Family.

    The series revolves around Loid Forger, who is a spy tasked with carrying out missions to prevent conflicts between countries from starting an all-out war.

    One of his missions involves him gathering intel on an important politician Donovan Desmond, who only happens to appear in public at his son’s prestigious school – Eden Academy.

    Loid gathers a team comprising Yor Briar to act as his wife, and they adopt a six-year-old girl named Anya.

    However, Yor is hiding her true identity that of a hired assassin while Anya has the ability to read minds.

    The Forgers appear to be the perfect family, but they are fighting their own battles while Loid attempts to execute his mission to preserve peace.

  10. Attack on Titan

    Taking the top spot is Attack on Titan, this anime almost singlehandedly made sure the world of anime knows about Wit Studio.

    From stellar and epic opening theme songs to banger fight sequences, Wit Studio has managed to bring to life Hajime Isayama’s unforgettable characters and complex story from the Attack on Titan manga.

    The final season of Attack on Titan is handled by an equally massive studio, MAPPA. However, it was Wit Studio that first animated the world of 3D maneuver gear, giant Titans, and fan-favorite characters like Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman, and Armin Arlert.

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