What is Eren’s TRUE Plan in Attack on Titan?

Eren Plan Attack on Titan

Eren Plan Attack on Titan

Eren has come a long way since the first episode of Attack on Titan. For the first few seasons, we all loved watching the young Eren get revenge on the titans that destroyed his hometown. However, the mood has changed since those early beginnings, especially in season four.

At the beginning of the final season, many fans are left wondering what is Eren’s plan in Attack on Titan? Here, we’re taking a look into his true intentions and where other characters sit in his master plan.

Eren’s Plan Explained

Eren Jeager Plan Explained Attack on Titan
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In Attack on Titan episode 80, Eren finally revealed his grand plan to the world. With the help of Ymir Fritz, he triggered the Rumbling, creating an army of Colossal Titans to destroy the world outside Paradis Island.

Essentially, Eren has decided that wiping out everything outside of his home nation is the only way he can achieve peace for his people. Some fans might argue that a new form of apocalypse is the worst option, but in reality, there was unlikely to be any peaceful ending to this story.

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What Was Zeke’s Plan, and Did Eren Agree?

Eren and Zeke Attack on Titan Plan Explained
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For most of the final season, attention is on Zeke’s plan for Eldian survival. Put simply, Zeke planned to euthanise the entire Eldian population, allowing everyone that can turn into titans to die of natural causes before stopping the bloodline.

Zeke’s euthanasia plan relied on the power of the Founding Titan, which Eren possessed, so Zeke convinced him to join his mission. Or at least he thought.

Eren faked agreeing with Zeke’s plan, but he never actually believed in the idea. Instead, he used the plan as a way to get close to Zeke, particularly his royal blood.

Once the two of them made contact, Eren had got everything he needed to enact his plan and revealed his double-cross to Zeke.

Did Eren Plan Everything from the Start?

Eren and Mikasa Attack on Titan Plan Explained
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Eren does a great job of convincing Zeke that he agrees with his ideas. However, Eren had his plan all along, and perhaps much earlier than anybody expected.

During Eren and Zeke’s fateful meeting in the Paths, they both go back through their father’s memories, where Eren persuades him to steal the Founding Titan. Then, back in the Paths, Eren asks Ymir whether she was the one reaching out to him way back at the start of the show, wanting him to find her.

Eren didn’t know back in the first episodes or chapters that ‘Rumbling armageddon’ would be his long-term plan. However, by reaching back in time, Ymir and his future self planted the seeds in his head that would drive him towards this end goal. So, in that sense, Eren did plan everything from the very start.

Does Eren Succeed in the Rumbling?

Eren Attack on Titan Rumbling Plan Explained
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Yes. during the final season, after reaching Ymir and asking for her power, he can activate the Rumbling.

Whether you consider Eren’s Rumbling a success or not might depend on your viewpoint regarding whether Eren’s plan was the right decision after all. Or, maybe, success was never an option for Eren and his friends inside the walls.

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