6 Action-Filled Anime Like John Wick

Anime Like John Wick

Anime Like John Wick

John Wick is a slick action movie series revolving around the titular character who goes on a revenge spree seeking justice. The premise of John Wick is fairly simple, but the action sequences are extremely well-choreographed, and fans might often wonder if there are anime similar to it, so, we came up with a list of 6 action-filled anime like John Wick.

  1. Love of Kill

    Based on the manga by Fe, Love of Kill, also known as Koroshi Ai in Japanese, has all the elements of a John Wick movie but with romance.

    This shoujo anime goes beyond action and violence to explore interpersonal relationships and romance.

    A rookie bounty hunter named Chateau Dankworth never expected to cross paths with someone who can overpower her in a fight.

    However, she encounters a mysterious man who not only overpowers her but also falls in love with her and even attempts to help her in her missions.

    Later, Chateau’s organization tasks her to assassinate Song Ryang-ha, who is an expert killer. Turns out, he is the same man who is in love with her.

    Love of Kill showcases Chateau and Ryang-ha getting into a deal that in exchange for dating him, he will have to provide key intel about her targets, dead or alive.

    Things take a dangerous turn when their past returns to haunt them, and they might need to put their arrangement to rest.

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  2. Black Lagoon

    This seinen series is filled with crime lords, gunfights, dangerous drug cartels, secret mafia organizations, and more.

    Black Lagoon is one of the perfect fits closest to John Wick if it was an anime series.

    The series revolves around an ordinary salaryman named Rokurou Okajima who works hard to move up the corporate ladder.

    One of his assignments takes him to Thailand, but a business negotiation deal goes south.

    During the deal, Okajima is kidnapped by the Lagoon Company, which is a collective of ruthless pirates.

    After his managers fail to pay the ransom, Okajima is left behind and his captors are ready to do anything with him.

    However, Okajima turns the table when he offers to join the mercenaries instead and help them with their work.

    Okajima has to leave his past behind and get accustomed to these gun-toting mercenaries and restart his life in Roanapur, a city plagued with corruption and crime.

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  3. Gunslinger Girl

    Artificially modified girls were brainwashed into becoming trained assassins. Gunslinger Girl follows the life of Henrietta, who was a little girl when her entire family was killed.

    However, Henrietta survived the ordeal and was later saved by a social welfare organization. She was taken care of and given robotic components over her severely wounded body.

    As the anime progresses, Henrietta is brainwashed by the organization and turned into a cold-blooded assassin.

    Gunslinger Girl is set in Italy and shows the cyber-enhanced girls from the organization carrying out dangerous missions.

    The series has blazing gun battles and quite stylized fight scenes like fans have seen in John Wick.

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  4. Tokyo Revengers

    Tokyo Revengers may not fit in the entire guns and slick action narrative of John Wick, but it does have gritty action and the main character fighting to save his girlfriend.

    Moreover, like John Wick, vengeance drives the plot of the series.

    Takemichi Hanagaki learns that Hinata Tachibana, his girlfriend from middle school, has died. She was the only girl he ever loved and now she is gone.

    He finds that a deadly group of gang members called the Tokyo Manji Gang might be involved in Hinata’s death.

    After Hinata’s death, Takemichi starts living a miserable life until one day, time resets and he is sent 12 years back to his middle school days.

    Now, Takemichi takes it upon himself to leave his hopeless part-timer life behind and live with the purpose to save Hinata.

    The Tokyo Revengers anime is based on the manga by Ken Wakui.

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  5. Spy x Family

    Taking things lighter with Spy x Family, this anime is like a comedic take on the John Wick movie series.

    However, Spy x Family is never running short of cool action scenes featuring protagonists Loid and Yor Forger.

    In the movie, Keanu Reeves’ character, John Wick, has a cute puppy, while in Spy x Family, Loid has his adorable daughter Anya by his side.

    Like any doting parents, Loid and Yor can fight an entire army to protect Anya.

  6. 91 Days

    Similar to John Wick, 91 Days is a story fuelled by vengeance, but it is set during the Prohibition era, in the Lawless district.

    Lawless has rampant violence and the district is ruled by the mafia. It is a district where illicit liquor flows freely and criminals rule the streets.

    Avilio, who lived in Lawless, had to flee from the district after a mafia dispute led to the gruesome murder of his entire family.

    Later, a mysterious person sends a letter addressed to Avilio, and that letter rekindles his passion for revenge.

    Avilio decides to head back to Lawless and infiltrate the Vanetti family. His aim is to get close to the Vanetti don’s son named Nero.

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