Is Ranking of Kings Any Good?

Ranking of Kings Bojji good

Ranking of Kings Bojji good

The story of young Prince Bojji and his ambitions of kinghood have warmed the hearts of anime fans all over the world. At a time when loud action series such as Attack on Titan and Demon Slayer are both grabbing attention, the amount of love for this show is a sign of its success.

Ranking of Kings is quite unlike any of the big shows currently on air right now. So, if you’re wondering whether Ranking of Kings is any good or worth watching, we’ve put together a quick review.

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What is Ousama Ranking About?

Ranking of Kings Anime Plot
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Ranking of Kings takes place in a fantasy world where the rulers of various kingdoms are ranked based on heroic features such as strength, heroism and so on.

Having a strong ruler is important, which is why Prince Bojji is looked down upon by so many. Bojji is deaf, mute and gullible, tricked by a shadow creature into giving away his clothes. Nobody holds out hope for him becoming a worthy king like his father, except for Bojji himself.

What the boy lacks in strength he makes up for in kindness. Becoming friends with the shadow creature, he overcomes his fears and doubts to prove himself as he tries to achieve his dream of becoming the greatest king.

Is Ranking of Kings a Sad Story?

Ranking of Kings Sad Story
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There are certainly sad elements to the story in Ousama Ranking, but it’s certainly not a sad story.

Ranking of Kings is certainly a sensitive show, with mocking and bullying an important part of the series’ world. However, the story is told well, and these moments are balanced with the overwhelming determination and kindness of Bojji.

Overall, it’s an emotional show that can make you cry at times, but it’s not a sad story; it’s much more positive than many fans realise.

Is Ranking of Kings Good?

Ranking of Kings Good
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Yes, Ranking of Kings is really good! Ousama Ranking is already being considered a potential classic anime by critics.

The show is highly commended for its storytelling, tackling sensitive subjects in an incredibly smart way. However, there is also an incredibly deep world being created, with lots of exciting characters and elements to discover.

Ranking of Kings has also received praise for its animation. Produced by the hugely popular Wit Studio (Attack on Titan Seasons 1-3, Ancient Magus’ Bride), the show uses soft, pastel colours and thin lines to create an almost European feel to the animation which transports fans into the fantasy world.

At the recent Crunchyroll Anime Awards 2022, Ranking of Kings was nominated for Anime of the Year, one of the only shows without big action scenes to be nominated. Bojji won Best Boy at the awards ceremony, while it was also nominated for Best Animation.

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Is Ranking of Kings Worth Watching?

Ranking of Kings Anime Bojji Worth Watching
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Absolutely! No matter what kind of anime fan you are, Ousama Ranking is a show you should definitely watch.

Ranking of King’s story is an innately human one that everyone can connect with and understand. However, there is also a dynamic world here to explore, which will appeal to fantasy anime fans.

Ousama Ranking is set to be one of the big successes of recent years, so there’s no better time to get into this series than right now!

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