Can You Read the Attack on Titan Manga Legally Online?

read Attack on Titan manga online Eren

read Attack on Titan manga online Eren

In the history of Japanese manga, few series have achieved such universal praise as Attack on Titan. As one of the most gripping stories ever created, it’s not surprising so many fans want to read Attack on Titan online.

Whether you love the anime or want to discover Attack on Titan in its original form first, the manga is a fantastic experience.

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Is the Attack on Titan Manga Over?

Where to Read Over Attack on Titan Manga Legally Online
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The main Attack on Titan manga concluded in 2021, after 141 chapters.

Known in Japan as Shingeki no Kyojin, Attack on Titan takes place in a world where the last remnants of humanity live inside walls that protect them from giant, man-eating titans.

Eren is a young boy growing up in a small, poor town by the outer wall when a Colossal Titan suddenly breaks through, shattering his peace. When a titan kills his mother, he vows to join the military and wipe out the titans once and for all.

The Attack on Titan manga was first released in 2009, and it's notable how Isayama's art style developed through the years.

Physically, the original manga has been compiled into 34 volumes, although various reprints have now taken place. There are now larger prints, full-colour serializations and omnibus volumes of Attack on Titan available.

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Can I Read the Attack on Titan Manga Legally Online for Free?

Where You Can Read Attack on Titan Manga Legally Online
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Attack on Titan can be read legally through many different online channels. However, there is no completely free version. Most options require a small monthly subscription or the purchase of chapters using in-site tokens.

At the time of writing, you can read Attack on Titan online through the following licensed services:

Note that not all services above are available in all regions. Also, certain services appear to only have the first few volumes of Attack on Titan, whereas others have the completed series.

Of course, you can also purchase digital copies of the manga from most online bookstores.

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Can I Read Attack on Titan on an App?

App to Read Attack on Titan Manga Legally Online
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Yes, there are a few different apps that allow you to read Attack on Titan, usually for a small monthly subscription.

Two popular apps that allow you to read Attack on Titan are Azuki and Inkr. However, there are other options, including the Nintendo Switch app InkyPen.

Note that some apps don’t include the whole series from start to finish due to licensing agreements.

Most applications will allow you to browse their range and read early chapters of Attack on Titan before subscribing. That way, you can try a few to see which service you prefer.

Remember, paying a subscription and reading the manga legally is a great way to support the creators of fantastic stories like Isayama’s Attack on Titan.

Ultimately, it’s our support that makes amazing series like this happen, so make sure you use a legal channel to enjoy your content!

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