Does Thorfinn Ever Return Home in Vinland Saga?

Does Thorfinn Ever Return Home in Vinland Saga Thorfinn

Does Thorfinn Ever Return Home in Vinland Saga Thorfinn

Vinland Saga follows the journey of Thorfinn who went to England to avenge his father’s death. Eventually, he decided to settle in Vinland and start a new life. But does Thorfinn ever return home to Iceland?

Also known as Karlsefni, Thorfinn is the protagonist of the adventure anime and manga series. He was once a warrior of Askeladd’s band and a leader of the Jomsviking for a short amount of time.

He was originally born in Iceland but due to certain circumstances, he spent most of his life at war, away from his motherland.

After getting enslaved and gaining his freedom, he decided to travel and colonize Vinland.

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Why Did Thorfinn Leave?

Why Did Thorfinn Leave Thorfinn
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In the manga and the anime, Thorfinn was introduced as a young Viking who wanted to kill Askeladd for killing his father. He eventually worked for Askeladd and continuously challenged the commander to different duels to achieve his goal.

But after Askeladd died, Thorfinn decided to reflect on his plans in life and went on to pursue his dream to visit Vinland and build a new life there. On his journey, he met Gudrid who eventually became his wife.

However, colonizing Vinland is not as easy as he thought it would be as he continuously faced conflict with the people living there, but this did not stop Thorfinn from achieving his goal.

Thorfinn is a determined character who uses challenges to better himself.

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Does Thorfinn Ever Return Home?

Does Thorfinn Ever Return Home Thorfinn
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Despite all the tragedies that Thorfinn experienced throughout the war, he was able to go home from time to time. The first time he went home was in Chapters 99 to 100.

It has been years since he was gone, and so, he had to apologize to his mother for leaving for so long.

Upon returning, they noticed that his features have changed since he left, but his mother, Helga, cried and warmly accepted her son.

The second time he came home was in Chapter 166. This time, Thorfinn brought his son and wife with him back home.

Does Thorfinn Ever Return Home Thorfinn
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He brought his grand fleet from Constantinople and told the people from his homeland of his goal to colonize Vinland.

In these two instances, it is evident that despite Thorfinn's grand plans of colonizing Vinland, he will always go back to where he came from, which is Iceland.

His sister and mother still mean the world to him and thus, he eventually became an inspiration to the people of his hometown.

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