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Best Slice of Life Anime To Watch of All Time

Best Slice of Life Anime
Credit: TMS Entertainment

What are some of the best slice of life anime to watch?

"Slice of life" is a term you might encounter in different media, but nowadays you are more likely to see it describing anime.

In the past, "slice of life" would usually describe a still moment in a work that closely resembles real life, in which nothing much would happen beyond everyday occurrences.

But anime shows are very diverse, and different genres bleed into one another, which means many anime with other genre elements and tropes are categorized as a slice of life.

1. Fruits Basket (2019-21)

Best Slice of Life Anime Fruits Basket
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Credit: TMS Entertainment

Fruits Basket hardly needs any introduction. Since the manga came out back in the early 1990s, countless fans have fallen in love with the adventures of high school girl Tohru Honda, who finds out her new flatmates are afflicted by a Zodiac curse; when they are hugged or ill, they transform into the animal they're possessed by.

If this doesn't sound like a slice of life to you, you need to read the manga or watch the anime (preferably the 2019-21 version, although the 2001 original is charming for its day).

Sure, there are supernatural elements, and the story wouldn't exist without them, but the story is so much more than that.

From meals with friends and high school shenanigans to tackling loss, grief, abuse, or bullying, the anime features everything you would expect to see in a high schooler's life, not shying away from life's darkest moments.

Unlike pure fantasy shows, Fruits Basket might have you thinking the zodiac curse is ultimately a mental state rather than a shapeshifting superpower.

Even when the curse seems to be the main source of the character's plight, their struggles are so human you can't help but identify with at least some of them.

Fruits Basket has achieved the perfect balance between hope and darkness, which makes it totally worth watching. The characters have a lot to teach us about living our best life, acknowledging the existence of trauma, but also the possibility of healing.

2. Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day (2011)

Best Slice of Life Anime Anohana
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Credit: A-1 Pictures

Anohana is another anime you wouldn't automatically think of as a slice of life, but to do so is to acknowledge its merit for viewers. And part of its merit is this: it tackles a very difficult topic, one we all face at some point.

Losing a loved one is always heartbreaking, but it can be particularly devastating to those who were too young to make sense of it and did not receive support when they needed it.

In the A-1 Pictures anime, Jinta, a reclusive teenager who doesn't attend school, is visited by the ghost of his best friend, Menma, who died five years ago.

To fulfill her wish and help her move on to the afterlife, Jinta must bring together their old friend group. To do that, he must persuade them that he's actually seeing a ghost.

Despite its supernatural premise, this anime is, once again, very human and realistic in its depiction of the main characters' mental states.

Each processed the death of their friend very differently, and much of the show is about them learning to recognize and honor their feelings to finally move on.

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3. Clannad (2007)

Best Slice of Life Anime Clannad
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Credit: Kyoto Animation

Kyoto Animation is great when it comes to heartfelt, slice of life works, and Clannad is a relatively early example of that. The show, and particularly its 2008 sequel Clannad: After Story, is considered by many as one of the greatest slice of life stories of all time.

This beautiful story starts with Okazaki, a purposeless boy, whose life changes when he's befriended by Nagisa, a girl who has missed a lot of her schooling due to an illness.

Okazaki decides to help Nagisa achieve her dream of reviving the school's drama club. The new friends he makes along the way and their respective stories help him develop a new appreciation for life.

Even though Clannad isn't always the most realistic, it's all about appreciating beautiful moments, and After Story has had many fans seeking a show with a similar emotional impact and failing to find it.

4. Your Lie in April (2014)

Best Slice of Life Anime Your Lie In April
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Credit: A-1 Pictures

A-1 Pictures is another good studio for a slice of life, as it seems. Much like Anohana, Your Lie in April deals with grief, and the ways it can change a person. The anime does so in a realistic, heartbreaking way.

Pianist Koisei Arima finds himself unable to play, or even bear the sound of his own music, following the death of his mother.

Two years later, he still avoids music in an attempt to avoid his pain – and his life is all the dullest due to this. But when he meets Kaori, a violinist, his journey back to music begins.

The anime is based on the manga of the same name and it's been commended for its depiction of recovery, its beautiful music, and its realistic portrayal of conflict and character growth.

5. Toradora! (2009)

Best Slice of Life Anime Toradora
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Credit: J. C. Staff

Based on a light novel series that inspired a video game adaptation as well, the award-winning Toradora! is a show you won't want to miss if you're a fan of slice of life anime.

The Studio J.C. Staff anime follows Ryuuji Takasi, a mild-mannered high schooler who enjoys doing household chores but often gets misunderstood due to his intimidating face.

Compare that with Taifa Aisaka, a short girl who hides a fierce personality behind her doll-like appearance.

The two are as different as can be until their paths cross, and they decide to help each other with their respective crushes, forming an unlikely alliance.

Even those who don't usually opt for romantic comedies have good things to say about Toradora!

The characters feel real, as they have their own weaknesses and quirks behind their usual demeanor, and their chemistry has also been praised.

The fact that the show mostly manages to stay away from predictable clichés is definitely a perk!

6. Only Yesterday (1991)

Best Slice of Life Anime Only Yesterday
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Credit: Ghibli

Slice of life animated works often have a nostalgic quality about them. This means that to better understand the genre, it might be a good idea to go back in time and check out some classics that made it what it is today.

Nowadays, Studio Ghibli is largely known for fantasy favorites, from Spirited Away to Howl's Moving Castle, but if there's one thing that all Ghibli films have in common, it is the beautiful way in which they demonstrate an appreciation for the little things.

Only Yesterday is a film about memory. The main character, Taeko Okajima, a 27-year-old woman, agrees to a holiday in the countryside, where she gets free time to reflect on her life and sort out her childhood memories.

If you think this will reveal some huge, traumatic, or otherwise life-changing event, this anime might not be for you. However, even if you don't like a slice of life show, we still recommend giving Only Yesterday a chance.

For a film that glorifies the ordinary, this is really unique and well-done. Only Yesterday is all about the random family moments that shape us not because they were necessarily the most important, but because they remained vivid in our psyche for all sorts of reasons.

These moments are all portrayed in an honest, artistically sound way that you are bound to find relatable.

7. Whispers of the Heart (1995)

Best Slice of Life Anime Whispers of the Heart
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Credit: Ghibli

Yet another Ghibli and one all aspiring artists can benefit from watching when young. Not only is Whispers of the Heart a sweet story, but it also contains specks of a theory about artistic creation that will help young aspiring writers!

Shizuku, a 14-year-old girl who loves reading and wants to be a writer, realizes that all the books she reads have also been checked out by Seiji Amasawa, a boy she decides to find out more about.

When she and Seiji end up meeting, they both like each other, but Shizuku feels a little intimidated by his determination and certainty regarding his goals for the future.

Spending time with Seiji and his grandfather, who owns an antique shop, eventually inspires Shizuku to work towards her goal to write a book guided by the whispers of her heart.

Once again, this is a simple story compared to other Ghibli works, and its focus is on everyday life, rather than big historical or fantastic events.

But even if you're a hardcore fan of fantasy anime, Whispers of the Heart is worth checking out, as Shizuku's inner world is fascinating to watch, and her coming-of-age tale is truly heartwarming.

8. Hyouka (2012)

Best Slice of Life Anime Hyouka
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Credit: Kyoto Animation

Back to Kyoto Animation, there's something about the studio's aesthetics and themes of choice that makes it ideal for slice of life works that are full of beautiful little details and characters that stay with you.

Based on an award-winning light novel, Hyouka tells the story of Hotaru Oreki, a student who cares little about the adventures that come with school life. He wants to save up his energy by putting in as little effort as possible.

But when he enrolls in his school's Classics Club, he has to forget his energy-conserving ways, as he finds himself involved in a 45-year-old mystery.

Along with fellow club members Satoshi, Mayaka, and Eru, Oreki must use his hidden gifts to balance schoolwork, club activities, and mystery solving.

While said mysteries take up a significant portion of the anime, the show's real strength is its nostalgic school atmosphere and the relationships that develop between the club members, making Hyouka a slice of life anime that can't be missing from your list.

9. Barakamon (2014)

Best Slice of Life Anime Barakamon
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Credit: Kinema Citrus

A lot of slice of life anime from this list tends to focus on coming-of-age themes or aspects of school life. If you want something a little more adult for a change, Barakamon might be for you.

The Kinema Citrus show follows Seishuu Handa, a calligrapher who has everything: talent, physical beauty, and youth. Unfortunately, these come with more than a bit of a temper and a narcissistic attitude.

When Seishuu disgraces himself in front of an art gallery director who criticized his work, his father temporarily removes him from the comfortable city life he's used to.

Exiled to the Goto Islands, Sei must reflect and find new inspiration–although this rural life ends up being less peaceful than he had expected!

Barakamon is an exciting story about a journey of learning, self-discovery, and human relationships, showing us that you don't always need big events or magical tropes to weave an intriguing tale.

10. K-On! (2009)

Best Slice of Life Anime K-On
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Credit: Kyoto Animation

For fans of shows that focus on music, K-On! by Kyoto Animation is an iconic anime you should at least try out.

The show, which received a Best TV Animation Award back in 2010, follows Yui Hirasawa, who accidentally signs up for her school's "Light Music Club."

Upon realizing the club is actually serious about music, Yui, who doesn't even know how to play an instrument, decides to leave.

As it turns out, the club is in desperate need of new members, even inexperienced ones like Yui. In their attempts to make her stay, they awaken her passion for music, inspiring her to learn.

The show doesn't have much of a plot besides that, but if you must watch a representative slice of life anime about students doing everyday things, K-On! is the one.

There's a nostalgic sort of charm in the characters' cute, carefree interactions.

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11. The Aquatope on White Sand (2021)

Best Slice of Life Anime Aquatope on White Sand
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Credit: P. A. Works

The Aquatope on White Sand is a sweet coming-of-age story about finding joy in one's work, laying old dreams to rest, and finding new ones.

Kukuru is an 18-year-old who dreams of becoming an aquarium manager. To that effect, she spends all her free time in her grandfather's aquarium, stubbornly ignoring the fact that it'll likely close down soon.

In walks Fuuka who has just given up on her career as an idol and travels to rural Okinawa on a whim.

Could Kukuru's aquarium be the first step toward her new dream?

12. Wotakoi (2019)

Best Slice of Life Anime Wotakoi
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Slice of life anime is all about realistic scenarios. Meanwhile, the romance genre has a reputation for not being the most realistic.

Wotakoi might just be the romance that nerd and anime enthusiasts will find closer to their lived experiences.

Narumi Momose is an office worker with a secret. While she presents as a mature adult, she's actually a nerd and enjoys gay fanfiction.

Hirotaka Nifuji is an old friend of Narumi's, and the two unexpectedly bump into each other.

After Narumi complains about her ex, who dumped her because of her hobbies, Hirotaka suggests she dates a fellow otaku like him. Thus begins a sweetly awkward love story!

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13. My Dress-Up Darling (2018)

Best Slice of Life Anime My Dress-Up Darling
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Credit: CloverWorks

My Dress-Up Darling is an interesting seinen anime following an unlikely high school friendship.

Wakana Gojou is an aspiring doll maker who's as committed to perfecting his craft as he is to keeping his favorite hobby a secret from his classmates!

Mari is a confident, beautiful girl whom no one would expect to have much to do with Gojou.

But when it's revealed that Mari is an aspiring cosplayer with no experience in sewing and making clothes, she and Gojou realize that they might be able to help each other.

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