Eternals: Who Are They and What Are Their Powers?

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May 05, 2021  03:44 PM

Marvel has quite a number of history lessons shared in the MCU but one has been left for quite a long time, and this time, they will be telling their own story in their very own titular film, the Eternals. With an all-star ensemble, let’s break down who they are that we’ll be meeting and what are their powers.

Eternals: Who Are They and What Are Their Powers

The Eternals will be the first Marvel film of the Oscar-award winning director Chloé Zhao and much has been said about how she will be treating the film with her very own signature style and use of practical locations which left even the highest ranks of Marvel in awe for her plans for the film.

It could be remembered that Kevin Feige himself considered her pitch for the Eternals to be the best one he has ever heard, thinking in grand, cosmic, gigantic terms which will be covering a big, sweeping, multimillennial-spanning story. Zhao once teased that she would be pursuing a marriage of East and West and that she creates a film as a fan and a director at the same time.

Heroes long living in the shadows of Earth, the Eternals date back to thousands of years but something is bound to arrive forcing them out of hiding as an ancient enemy poses a great threat to mankind, the Deviants. Let’s have a rundown of who the Eternals are and what are their powers.


The Eternals

Eternals: Who Are They and What Are Their Powers 1

They are a cosmic race of beings that are so god-like: near-immortal and powerful. Throughout hundreds of years, they witnessed various civilizations rise and die. Millenniums have passed and a conflict still underlies with their creators, the Celestials, and the other race, the Deviants. Every Eternal has a unique superpower due to cosmic energy within them.

What makes them powerful together is that they could merge each other, as few as three of them, into the Uni-Mind, a.k.a. The Intellect, where they could combine their physical and mental selves to one and channel directly to the Celestials. They live a lowkey life on Earth, attempting not to be seen but continuously shaping history with their actions. Are you ready for that?


Ikaris (Richard Madden)

Eternals: Who Are They and What Are Their Powers 2 - Ikaris

Going by the name of Ike Harris on Earth, he is the Prime Eternal and also known as “The Mover,” even called as the “all-powerful” who acts as the leader of the team. His powers include flight like the Icarus in myths and he can levitate others. Also, he shoots cosmic energy beams through his eyes. He teleports and is immune to bodily diseases as well. Don’t confuse this actor with Bucky, though, they look alike but they’re different.


Thena (Angelina Jolie)

Eternals: Who Are They and What Are Their Powers 3 - Thena

A second-generation Eternal, Thena is the daughter of Zuras, a first-gen Eternal. She was born in Olympia and known for being called in the comics as “The Defender.” A righteous woman, she is immortal and has powers of flight, strength, and speed who could also teleport, channel cosmic energy, and produce heat rays. She is squaring off with Ikaris as the leader of the group.


Ajak (Salma Hayek)

Eternals: Who Are They and What Are Their Powers 4 Ajak

Not to confuse the character with Ajax, Ajak is a Trojan War veteran whose strength is comparable to Thor. The MCU gender-swapped Ajak from a man to a woman, and just like Ikaris and Thena, she can fly and teleport. She also speaks the Celestials’ language. “The Knower,” Ajak was worshipped by Incans under the name of Tecumotzin where she was buried in a deep sleep in a tomb only to be awoken by Ikaris.


Gilgamesh (Don Lee/ Dong-seok Ma)

Eternals: Who Are They and What Are Their Powers 5 - Gilgamesh

With a lot of names throughout history, Gilgamesh used to bear the name of the Forgotten One as he was exiled by Zuras for being with humans for too long. He went by the name of Hercules and Beowulf, and in the comics, he became an Avenger as well. The strongest among all of them, physically, he is the most durable there is that he is immortal and is immune to disease like Ikaris. More than that, a regenerative healing factor helps him stay his age.


Sersi (Gemma Chan)

Eternals: Who Are They and What Are Their Powers 6 - Sersi

A sorceress living with humans, “The Maker” is an enchantress and conjurer. She loves humans so much, she adapted to their characteristics. In the comics, she was also an Avenger. She has immortality, indestructibility, flight, strength, telepathy, and the skills of creating illusions. Her story arc involves Dave Whitman/ Black Knight portrayed by Kit Harrington.


Makkari (Lauren Ridloff)

Eternals: Who Are They and What Are Their Powers 7 - Makkari

The speedster of the primary Eternals who could equate Mercury, “The Teller” is a gender-swapped character in the MCU who has the tendency to be extremely impulsive and inventive. Fast in unprecedented levels, Makkari also has super strength and with cyclone-causing powers. Makkari could communicate with an asleep Celestial which could result in a global cataclysm. Other than that, Makkari opens diversification and representation in the MCU as the first-ever deaf superhero.


Sprite (Lia McHugh)

Eternals: Who Are They and What Are Their Powers 8 - Sprite

Another gender-swapped character in the MCU, Sprite is a teen-looking Eternal whose age just froze. Sprite remained in the body of a teenager which kind of fits the skill set as the young-looking but actually old Eternal is a trickster with the illusion and pranks under Sprite’s young façade, even appearing in various myths and stories as a faun, and possibly being the center of Puck on Sprite by Shakespeare.


Kingo Sunen (Kumail Nanjiani)

Eternals: Who Are They and What Are Their Powers 9 - Kingo

The skilled swordsman of the team, he becomes a samurai fighter that he became a famed action star in Japan. His preference for fighting is like that of humans and he does not rely on his cosmic powers as an Eternal.


Phastos (Brian Tyree Henry)

Eternals: Who Are They and What Are Their Powers 10 - Phastos

Speed, strength, and flight just like other Eternals, Phastos was later introduced in the comics than the others. He was the maker of the sword of Kingo. Another character up for diversity and representation, he will be the other half of the first openly gay couple in the MCU, living a happily married life with his husband.


Druig (Barry Keoghan)

Eternals: Who Are They and What Are Their Powers 11 - Druig

Cousin of Ikaris who turned out to be a member of the KGB is usually termed as an aloof loner who has the same ability of flight and teleportation. More than that, he has telepathy and atom or matter transmutation and manipulation. He also has a flame that could hurt other Eternals. In the comics, he is “The Manipulator” where he is considered as the darkest nature an Eternal can be. He is power-hungry that believes he is above all humans, a superior being.

There are a lot of Eternals as they are one whole race. One name that rings a lot would be that of Zuras, the father of Thena and the one who exiled Gilgamesh. Zuras is the OG leader of the Eternals on Earth having the most powerful manipulation of energy. Being a real powerful one, he was the only Eternal in history who was able to initiate the Uni-mind. Zuras, however, committed suicide.

A character not an Eternal but will be in the film would be Dane Whitman who later on becomes Black Knight would be portrayed by Kit Harrington. He got mixed up with the Eternals, presumably because of Sersi. Also, we may or may not have seen Eternal wreak havoc already in the MCU, yes, that’s right, it’s the Mad Titan himself, Thanos, but that’s a talk for another time.

See all of them in their MCU debut on November 5, 2021 as Eternals premieres that day in theaters.

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