Eternals: Who is Thena and What does Her Sword Do?

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Credit: Marvel Studios

Eternals just had its first teaser and fans are so hyped that questions are starting to blow up. Who wouldn't get excited, right? The film has a star-studded ensemble plus a fresh-from-the-Oscars-winner director Chloe Zhao. One of the actresses would be none other than Angelina Jolie playing Thena who has an amazing glowing sword in the teaser. Who is she and what could her sword do?

Despite having no released trailer yet, the teaser was enough to make some noise as the first-ever appearance of the millennium-old team. Thena shares with Ikaris the leadership role on the Eternals, portrayed by one of the biggest names in Hollywood, Angelina Jolie, who shared that she never imagined her forties being in a gold bodysuit and playing a superhero in a film with a promise of diversity.


Who is Thena?

Thena is the daughter of the original leader of the Eternals, Zuras, The First. She was born in Olympia and is considered a second-generation Eternal. Bearing the name of "the Defender" in the team, Thena is always off to righteous missions. She possesses immortality, flight, strength, speed, teleportation, shooting heat rays, and channeling cosmic energy.

She has psionic abilities to rearrange structures at the molecular level. She can cast illusions and has mental control over her physical form making her invulnerable to bodily harm and giving her immortality. She is also an intellectual Eternal who possesses knowledge in various fields of both Eternal and human education. A formidable fighter, she's well trained in hand-to-hand combat and she casts weapons of unknown composition.


What does Thena's Sword Do?

In the comics, she carries a bow and arrow. Her arrows have cold energy released with it making them lethal. Another is her spear, one with energy as well which can surround victims with anti-gravitation or heat and light. In the teaser, she wields a sword that seems to have a unique composition. It seems that the sword can manifest her cosmic powers.

Like the Mjolnir to Thor, it is the sword to Thena. She uses her weapons to boost her capabilities and powers which come from the cosmic energy running through her veins for all the purpose it may serve on her.


In the teaser, she seems to have been fighting Gilgamesh. Based on the comics, Gilgamesh could have a grudge against her since he was imprisoned by Thena's father, Zuras, making him the Forgotten One for being with people for too long.

Excited for Thena's debut? Eternals premieres on November 5, 2022.

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