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Eternals: Who is Druig and Why is He so Ominous?

The Eternals are about to make their debut in the MCU as the newest, or rather, the oldest band of superheroes on Earth who remained in hiding and never intervened for thousands of years, until now, that the threat of the Deviants arose. One of them is Druig. He is so ominous that when you see him, you’ll recognize it easily. Who is he and why is he like that?

Eternals: Who is Druig and Why is He so Ominous?

Eternals: Who is Druig and Why is He so Ominous?
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Credit: Marvel Studios
Eternals: Who is Druig and Why is He so Ominous?

The Eternals are one big dysfunctional family with 10 heroes, all with something different and distinct making all of them unique in their own ways, may it be their physical appearance, their characteristics, or their abilities. As for Druig, his specialty is mind control, something which makes him akin to Professor X of the X-Men.

He will be played by Barry Keoghan in the film. Druig has an ominous aura. He does not believe that violence could resolve problems, that there can be other ways. In the recent trailer, he was warned by Ajak not to interfere with the humans despite watching a whole city burn right before his eyes. He seems to have an amorous connection with Makkari, looking at how sweet they are in various trailers.

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An aloof loner, Druig works on his own pretty well that he even became a member of the KGB. He is the cousin of Ikaris and he shares the same ability of speed, strength, flight, and teleportation. Other than that, Druig is known for his telepathy and matter transmutation which could prove devastating. He is called “The Manipulator,” also known as the “Druig of Nightmares,” and he wields a flame that could hurt even invulnerable Eternals.

Throughout the trailers, it could be seen in some scenes that Druig, along with Sersi and Makkari, summoned the Uni-Mind, where they were floating on mid-air with gold energy flowing through them. Theories suggest that Druig would turn out to be one of the villains but it seems as if he would turn out to be one of the most useful in battles, maybe Makkari could convince him not to go against them?

See Druig and his ominous aura as he debuts in Eternals on November 5, 2021 in theaters.

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