Eternals: Who is Sprite and How Did She Remain as a Child?

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As the Eternals nears its release date, little by little, we are getting to know the various members of the new group of superheroes who would be debuting in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Sprite is one of them and surprisingly, despite being thousands of years old, she remains to have the physical appearance of a child. Who is she and how did she end up like that?

Eternals: Who is Sprite and How Did She Remain as a Child?

Eternals: Who is Sprite and How Did She Remain as a Child?
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Credit: Marvel Studios
Eternals: Who is Sprite and How Did She Remain as a Child?

Among the Eternals, two characters have been gender-swapped: Ajak and Sprite. Portrayed by Lia McHugh, Sprite has the physical appearance of a child despite the Eternals being thousands of years old. In the introductory featurette of the characters, she admits that she is sarcastic, most especially to Kingo.

Sprite is a teen-looking Eternal whose age just froze. Sprite remained in the body of a teenager which kind of fits the skill set as the young-looking-but-actually-old Eternal is a trickster with the illusion and pranks under Sprite’s young façade, even appearing in various myths and stories as a faun, and possibly being the center of Puck on Sprite by Shakespeare.

An Eternal trapped in the body of an eleven-year-old child; in the comics, Sprite is known for being bitter with his appearance. It is because every death and subsequent resurrection of an Eternal would put them back to their “default” state, and in the case of Sprite, her perpetual reincarnation is that of an eleven-year-old child.

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Just like the other Eternals, Sprite has immortality, strength, speed, and flight. More than that, Sprite also has the ability to shape matter and can create illusions so deceiving, even another Eternal would believe it.

Beneath the young façade, Sprite’s illusions, reinforced by another Eternal, Tiamut, in the Uni-Mind, can alter reality in total making Sprite one of the most powerful. Should this be in the movie adaptation of the Eternals, it would make Sprite one of the beings known to be able to alter the fabric of reality like Scarlet Witch.

In various teasers, Sprite creates illusions such as the fireworks in what seems to be an event. More than that, Sprite can also make an illusion for others as she can make the other Eternals look invisible, a perfect craft of deception that they could not be seen by others.

See Sprite in her debut in the MCU on Marvel’s Eternals in theaters on November 5, 2021.

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