Eternals: Who is Gilgamesh and Why is He the Forgotten One?

Credit: Marvel Studios

Credit: Marvel Studios

Every member of the Eternals has their own distinct trait, power, characteristic, or history that sets them apart from each other and it is one of the most intriguing parts of the film is that how a cosmic race of beings remained on Earth for thousands of years, only to come out of hiding. One of them is Gilgamesh and his name, the Forgotten One, makes him more interesting. Who is he and why is he called as such?

Eternals: Who is Gilgamesh and Why is He the Forgotten One?

With a lot of names throughout history, Gilgamesh used to bear the name of the Forgotten One as he was exiled by Zuras for being with humans for too long. He went by the name of Hercules and Beowulf, and in the comics, he became an Avenger as well. He is a mythical one, known for many names with his real one unknown but he was forgotten in history, became a story to tell to the others.

His banishment earner him his moniker, The Forgotten One, as he was confined in the sequestered region of Olympia, the city of the Eternals, and all of his records were stricken out, leaving him as a story or a myth to tell to the others. In the end, it was Sprite who released him from such predicament.

In the comics, he became an Avenger and throughout his publication history, he became blind, mind-wiped, and experienced a lot of things that made him a hero more than his own origin. He was suspected as a traitor once, but it was not him.

The strongest among all of them, physically, he is the most durable there is that he is immortal and is immune to disease like Ikaris. He can lift double, even triple compared to others. He best fights in hand-to-hand combat. More than that, a regenerative healing factor helps him stay his age.

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Gilgamesh is also known as the most durable, he is immune to diseases and bodily harm. He has a regenerative healing factor as well which helps him stay young despite being thousands of years old. He would be portrayed by Train to Busan actor Dong-seok Ma, or Don Lee for short.

See the debut of Gilgamesh in Eternals premiering on November 5, 2021, only in theaters.

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