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Eternals: Who is Ikaris and Why is He the Prime Eternal?

Gracing the big screens would be the Eternals, the age-old band of superheroes who remained in hiding on Earth, watching various civilizations come and go within their stay here for more than thousands of years. In various trailers, it seems that one of them would be leading and while Ajak is the matriarch, Ikaris is the Prime Eternal, gathering all of them as they face the threat of the Deviants.

Eternals: Who is Ikaris and Why is He the Prime Eternal?

Eternals: Who is Ikaris and Why is He the Prime Eternal?
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Credit: Marvel Studios
Eternals: Who is Ikaris and Why is He the Prime Eternal?

Currently the leader of the Eternals, the Prime Eternal Ikaris has been called the “all-powerful” with his abilities heightened by the title he possesses. He is a third-generation Eternal whose flight is unprecedented and he can make others levitate as well, he is likened to the mythological character Icarus, hence, his name. He is also called as “The Maker.”

Richard Madden brings Ikaris’ character to life. Don’t confuse this actor with Bucky, though, they look alike but they’re different. He has fast healing abilities helping him stay his age and near immortal. He teleports and is immune to bodily diseases as well.

He possesses a continuous force field around his skin and he is also a stronger telepath than others that he managed to sway the thinking of other Eternals. He shoots energy beams, most iconic is through his eyes that in a trailer, Phastos’ son mistook him from Superman.

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The Leader of the Eternals bears the title of the Prime Eternal, the one who leads the Earth Eternals able to initiate the Uni-Mind. The title could be passed by succession to an heir, or by winning the combat commenced in the Hall of Eternal Judgment.

Ikaris got the title of the Prime Eternal from a successful challenge against Thena who was then holding the title which she inherited from her father, Zuras. Thena became vulnerable and Kro took advantage of that. With this, Thena had to turn against Ikaris whom she later relinquished her title of Prime Eternal to as she wanted to save the life of Kro.

As the Prime Eternal, he could initiate the Uni-mind with other Eternals. To date, he is the current holder of the title leading the Earth Eternals. In the trailer, it would be seen that the Uni-Mind was being summoned by Druig, Sersi, and Makkari. It is also possible that Ikaris is there as well.

Catch Ikaris as he gathers the Eternals on November 5, 2021.

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