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Will Deku Die in Season 5 of My Hero Academia Explained

There are a lot of fan theories and questions that arose when Season 5 of My Hero Academia started. Some believe that Deku will master a new ability that even All Might didn't have, which was the ability to communicate with all the One for All users.

This ability can help Deku understand his quirks and improve them by combining what the past users did. Fans are also looking forward to seeing the other heroes improve their abilities. Another thing that fans are curious about is the League of Villains.

Among all the questions that fans have about season 5, the most intriguing is, will Deku die in this season? Continue reading to find out!


Will Deku Die in Season 5 of My Hero Academia Explained

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For those who have been reading the manga before watching the anime, they might have been aware that in Chapter 303 of the series, Deku's life will be on the line. This gives an impression to fans that there is a possibility that he will die in the series. But no worries, because Deku did not die in the manga as of this writing.

Some fans also believe that season 5 of My Hero Academia will cover Chapters 190 to 240 since before, the anime usually covers 2 chapters per episode. Since there are 25 episodes, fans are expecting that the anime will cover until Chapter 240.


Though anything can happen in the manga, My Hero Academia fans are confident that Deku will not die because of various reasons. One would be because he was the one narrating the story. The story is from his point of view, and he wanted to share how he became the greatest hero. It would be weird to just kill him, and the series will lose a lot of its followers.

It is also rare for a shonen manga to kill its main character. Some examples of these are Naruto, Fairy Tail, and Bleach. Although there are some cases wherein the main character is killed like in Attack on Titan, it is just unlikely to happen in My Hero Academia.

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