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Will Eren Die in the End of Attack on Titan?

Eren Yeager is the main protagonist of the hit anime and manga series, Attack on Titan. He lived in Shiganshina District until a group of titans attacked their place and eventually led to the fall of Wall Maria. He witnessed how his mother was eaten by a titan, and since then, he swore to himself that he will kill all titans.

Attack on Titan showed Eren's journey from being a member of the 104th Training Corps to discovering that he is a titan too. Throughout the manga and anime, fans saw how his character developed (or how the light in his eyes changed as he grew old).

With everything that's going on, and considering a titan can only live for 13 years, fans have one question in mind: will Eren die in the end? Let's find out!


Will Eren Die in the End of Attack on Titan?

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The answer is a HUGE spoiler for Attack on Titan fans, so please read at your own risk. Eren Yeager will die in the last chapter of Attack on Titan. It will be Mikasa who beheaded him with the assistance of Levi.

Isayama blew the mind of Attack on Titan fans after making Eren the main antagonist of the series and even led the final major conflict. In the last chapter, Eren decided to unleash his full Attack Titan transformation.


Mikasa ended the fight against the love of her life with just one blow that separated his head from his spine. She held his head with so much care and love. She then buried his head under the tree where she and Eren used to sleep. Eren's death put an end to all the Titan power.

There was also a scene where a bird randomly fixes Mikasa's scarf, and fans immediately understood that it was Eren. With that, fans concluded that Eren eventually got the freedom he wanted to have, even if it was through death.

The manga then fast forwards to three years where it showed that there are still battles in Paradis, but the islanders will make sure that their stories will be heard someday.

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