What Is Deku’s Quirk in My Hero Academia Explained

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Izuku Midoriya, or also known as Deku, is My Hero Academia’s protagonist. He was born quirkless even if his parents have quirks. This tore him since he wanted to be just like his idol, All Might, Japan’s greatest hero. 

Since he was quirkless, Midoriya spent time analyzing the quirks of other heroes. He would constantly write information about them in his notebook and analyze it when he has time. His knowledge about other quirks gives him an advantage most of the time. 

What is interesting about Midoriya is that despite being quirkless, he did not give up his dream of attending UA. He is still decided that he can pass which is inspiring for most fans. One fateful day, he met his idol, All Might, and Midoriya’s life changed forever. 


What Is Deku’s Quirk in My Hero Academia Explained

What Is Deku’s Quirk in My Hero Academia Explained 1
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Midoriya’s quirk is called One for All. It is a transferrable quirk that allows the user to stockpile a huge amount of power. He inherited this from All Might. With this new quirk, Midoriya can move fast and take down any huge villain just one punch. He can focus all the energy on one body part if he wishes to. The downside is that his body cannot handle the drawbacks of the quirk yet, and he usually ends up in the hospital. 

His quirk can also sense danger. This happens when he feels a stabbing sensation in his head. One for All allows Midoriya to generate tendrils too. The black energy in his body makes it useful for grabbing things, especially from long distances. Lastly, Midoriya can suspend himself mid-air or basically float. 

Aside from those, Midoriya also has super moves that he uses:

  • Detroit Smash: It is a straight forward or uppercut punch.
  • Delaware Smash: He can make a powerful wind pressure shock wave just by flicking his finger.
  • One for All: Full Cowl: He can utilize All for One in different parts of the body. Other versions of this are One For All 20%, 30%, and 100%. For the different percentages, these focus only on one body part. 
  • One For All: It has 3 versions, 30%, 45%, and 100%. For the 30%, the power is focused on his right arm. For 45%, he focuses the power on his leg. 
  • Shoot Style: He puts the power on his legs to give out stronger kicks. 
  • Froppy Style: He uses blackwhip to shoot tendrils.
  • Texas Smash: He creates a wind pressure just by punching. 
  • Wyoming Smash: He creates a shockwave by spiking his enemy. 

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