My Hero Academia First User of One for All Revealed

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Credit: Bones
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The One for All Users is finally being introduced one by one in the manga series of My Hero Academia and just recently, in the release of Chapter 310, it finally reveals who is the first-ever user of the quirk.

Warning! This portion may contain spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter 310. Read at your own risk!


Much has been kept in the shadows as to who were the previous wielders of the One for All. Just last month, the fourth user of the One for All was revealed to be Hikage Shinomori and how the quirk has brought him his demise at the age of 40.

In Chapter 310 of My Hero Academia, Midoriya who is unconscious had a conversation with what remains of the previous One for All users directly. This is the first time and he gets to know more about them and what their powers are. Even with this event happening, the identity of the first-ever user of the One for All is still kept in the shadows aside from being the brother of All for One and born without a quirk.

It has been well established in the manga that the brothers did not really get along that all the users of the One for All rebelled against his brother.

In the said chapter, Midoriya changed his mind about Tomura Shigaraki that instead of defeating him, he will be saving him. Because of this, the first-ever user has now been identified as Yoichi who told the other two users to cooperate, the second user was revealed to be the savior of Yoichi from the control of his brother and the first ever to be able to resist the All for One.


Yoichi's narrative is parallel to that of Midoriya where he wanted to save Tomura instead of defeating him. Yoichi was shown to be inherently kind with a moral compass easily distinguishing right from wrong making him worthy of being the first-ever use of the One for All. All he can offer is passing on his quirk with his moral compass guiding the next user and serving as the conscience of the One for All.

Now, only two users remain to be unidentified, the second user who rescued Yoichi, and the third, the user who first rejected Midoriya to be a user of the One for All. Their quirks remain unknown as well, what is known is that they know each other and that they resisted the All for One.

With this new information, the opinion of Yoichi matters as it could convince the second and third user to give their support to Midoriya and make it possible for him to be able to wield all of the six abilities that the One for All has inside of it unleashing its full potential and true power.


Excited to know more? Not only a revelation has arrived for My Hero Academia. A mobile game will also be launching later this year titled My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero which will allow players to be their favorite characters, build their own team, and take down villains. The game will be released this spring in North America, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand, Scandinavia, Ireland, and United Kingdom.

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