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Which Show is Better: My Hero Academia or Naruto Shippuden?

My Hero Academia and Naruto Shippuden are not just your average anime as both have a huge fanbase around the world. Both shows have proven their worth but we really can’t help but wonder, which show is better? 

To be fair, both shows will be criticized based on 5 aspects: creativity, writing, fight scenes, protagonist, and influence. 

1. Creativity

Which Show is Better: My Hero Academia or Naruto Shippuden 1
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In terms of creativity, My Hero Academia surely takes this category. The anime featured a world where there are people who have quirks and people who don’t. While Naruto Shippuden also has a world on its own, My Hero Academia’s concept is intriguing and comes with a twist. 

2. Writing

Which Show is Better: My Hero Academia or Naruto Shippuden 2
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Both shows were beautifully written but Naruto Shippuden’s plot was pieced together that everything actually makes sense towards the end. Each small arc has something to contribute to the main arc, and the characters really developed as the show went on. 

My Hero Academia has its own charm when it comes to writing, particularly with its unique characters and humor but Naruto Shippuden won this category with its well-written plot. 

3. Fight scenes

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While My Hero Academia and Naruto Shippuden have memorable fights, Naruto Shippuden adds something interesting to its scenes: logical reasoning. There is a bit of mental game during every fight, making each scene more intense and exciting. It would be impossible not to watch the next episode if the previous episode was a fight scene cliffhanger. 

Naruto Shippuden’s fight scenes also give an emotional feel as you will root for your favorite character to win. The flashbacks add emotions to the scenes, making them more enjoyable to watch. 

4. Protagonist

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For this one, it would be a tie. Deku and Naruto are ideal protagonists that you just can’t help but root for. Both were not written as perfect characters, instead they have flaws that everyone can sympathize with. Their passion and goals can motivate anyone who is watching the show. Naruto and Deku have perspectives that would make you look back to your decisions in life. ​

5. Influence

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It is no doubt that Naruto Shippuden is an influential anime. Even with Naruto, the show has garnered attention anywhere in the world and became an inspiration for new shows like My Hero Academia. Throughout the years, Naruto Shippuden influenced a lot of people in the community, and even if there are anime fans who didn’t actually watch the show, they have an idea of what Naruto Shippuden is all about ---- that alone speaks so much about the influence of this show. 

With a score of 3/5, it is safe to say that Naruto Shippuden is the better show in terms of these categories. While My Hero Academia might be an emerging show in the anime community, Naruto Shippuden has been part of history with its amazing story, characters, and production. 

If you're interested in watching either series, they are available on both Funimation and Crunchyroll.

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