My Hero Academia Season 1-4 Recap and Summary. What You Need to Know Before Watching Season 5

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My Hero Academia just started Season 5. Fans believe that there are a lot of things in store for this season which is why it is better to watch after getting a recap of what happened in the previous seasons. Doing so will help fans to remember connections between characters and possible foreshadowing.

As most anime avid fans know, My Hero Academia tells about how Izuku Midoriya, a teenage boy who was once quirkless and will become Japan’s greatest hero. The whole series will follow Midoriya’s journey along with his new-found university friends at the U.A High.


Learn everything about My Hero Academia Season 1-4 by reading through this article. There are some important details that you'll want to know before watching Season 5 of Boko no My Hero Academia!

My Hero Academia Season 1 Recap

My Hero Academia Season 1-4 Recap and Summary 1

As mentioned, Midoriya is the main protagonist of the story. In Season 1, it was revealed that despite his parents having quirks, Midoriya is pretty much normal. This broke him as he wanted to be like Japan’s greatest hero, All Might.

The amazing thing about Midoriya is that he doesn’t give up. Since he didn’t have quirks, he decided to analyze the other quirks of people and he still plans to attend U.A High where only potential heroes can get accepted. Bakugo, a long-time friend of Midoriya who eventually bullied him, got even angrier at Midoriya after knowing the protagonist’s plan.

One fateful day, Midoriya stumbled upon All Might wherein Midoriya found out All Might’s true form and his long-term injury. He explained to Midoriya that he cannot be a hero without his quirk and discouraged Midoriya to be a hero.

All Might’s perception was changed when Midoriya ran into action after finding out that Bakugo was in danger. This gave All Might hope and an idea that Midoriya should be the successor of his quirk.


Of course, Midoriya accepted the quirk and he trained under All Might just in time for U.A High’s entrance examination. Midoriya got in but he was still struggling to use his quirk. All Might became a teacher of the university to monitor Midoriya.

The season ended after introducing a group of villains led by Tomura. While the heroes saved the day, they were still aware that a group will attack them anytime soon.

My Hero Academia Season 2 Recap

My Hero Academia Season 1-4 Recap and Summary 2

This season focuses on the Sports Festival. All Might informed Midoriya that he can only stay in Hero Form for 50 minutes, which added pressure to Midoriya to get used to the quirk. Class 1-A (Midoriya’s class) topped the event since the group already experienced battle from the previous season.

Shoto, one of Midoriya’s classmates, believed that Midoriya is the son of All Might, considering the similarity of their quirks and interactions. He also revealed that he is Endeavor’s son, the number two hero of Japan. He plans to surpass Midoriya as his father was not able to surpass All Might.

The final battle between Midoriya and Shoto showed that the two are equally powerful. Midoriya drastically injured himself and Shoto almost got into hypothermia with his cold quirk. In the end, Shoto won after using his fire quirk.


Afterwards, the heroes got into an internship, and Midoriya trained under Gran Torino, a previous teacher of All Might. Another villain was introduced named Hero Killer: Stain. He was being recruited by Tomura by the latter declined.

Tomura’s team once again attacked the city and Midoriya, Shoto, and Tenya (one of Midoriya’s friends) faced Stain. After successfully winning, All Might explained more about the history of One for All.

My Hero Academia Season 3 Recap

My Hero Academia Season 1-4 Recap and Summary 3

Class 1-A trained for the summer break in the woods with Class 1-B. While training, Tomura sent his group to attack the students with the goal of kidnapping Bakugo. Midoriya and the others were able to save the others, except for Bakugo. With that, Shoto, Kirishima, Midoriya, and Momo went on a mission to save their friend.

Tomura’s team or The League of Villains wanted to recruit Bakugo but he did not join them. It was also revealed that All For One was behind The League of Villains, and All Might did not have second thoughts in fighting him to save Bakugo.

During the battle, All Might used his remaining spark of One For All. Although it was a struggle, he succeeded in the battle and informed Midoriya that it is now his time to be the symbol of peace.


The students took their Provisional Hero Exam. They were also given a chance to do a work-study wherein the show introduced the Big 3 (Mirio, Hada, and Amajiiki). Togata was then revealed to be one of the candidates who should get All Might’s quirk. By the end of the season, another villain was introduced named Overhaul.

My Hero Academia Season 4 Recap

My Hero Academia Season 1-4 Recap and Summary. 4

The first part focused on Overhaul and his plan to eliminate quirks using one bullet shot. The heroes discovered that Overhaul was using a little girl named Eri to create these bullets. With that, Midoriya and Mirio did everything they can to save the little girl. While saving Eri was a success, Mirio was shot with the bullet and lost his quirk. The season also had a school festival. The end of the season showed the top 10 heroes and the changes since All Might was no longer the top hero.

There were also scenes that further explained who Endeavor was. His goal was to overcome All Might thus he decided to marry someone who can give him a child who can surpass All Might. He was also an abusive father. Will him being the new number one be his redemption?

There are a lot of exciting things that can happen in Season 5. Stay tuned to find out!

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