Will Attack on Titan’s Ending Change in the Anime?

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Will Attack on Titan’s Ending Change in the Anime? Eren
Credit: MAPPA
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Attack on Titan’s anime-original ending, or AOE, as the majority prefers to call it, has been the subject of much debate for quite some time now. With the MAPPA anime coming to a close, will Attack on Titan’s ending change in the anime? Is there going to be another internet-breaking plot twist?

In this article, we examine the evidence and theories that suggest a different anime ending for Attack on Titan.


Spoiler Alert: There are major spoilers for the Attack on Titan manga ahead!

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How Did the Attack on Titan Manga End?

By the end of the Attack on Titan manga, we see Mikasa carrying Eren's head as she prepares to meet Armin to discuss what happened. The titans' power has also vanished, returning those who have transformed into human form.

Mikasa chose to bring Eren's head to the tree where he usually takes a nap for his final resting place, as agreed upon with Armin.

The next event was a confrontation in which Armin informed Secretary Muller that they were now humans without titan powers.


We also see a three-year time jump in which the alliance members become peace ambassadors as they travel to Paradis to negotiate with Queen Historia.

How Did the Attack on Titan Manga End? Mikasa
Credit: MAPPA

Meanwhile, Mikasa is resting beneath the tree next to Eren's memorial tablet, crying as she says she misses him.

A bird swooped down on Mikasa and wrapped her scarf around her neck.

Mikasa dies of old age before the final chapter ends, and a new civilization begins as Eren's tree grows in size.

There was also war, and we see a young boy and his dog discover Eren's tree, which is similar to the tree Ymir saw when she first transformed into a titan.

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Why Will the Anime Change Attack on Titan’s Ending?

Fans of the Attack on Titan anime don't necessarily dislike the manga's ending, which is why they want it changed in the anime.

It's just that there have been a lot of hints in the Attack on Titan anime that there will be an anime-original ending (AOE).

Clearly, there has been enough evidence over the years, dating back to the beginning of both the manga and the anime, to prompt fans to develop AOE theories.

It also does not imply that AOE fans would prefer a new ending because they want Eren to be happy and prosperous.

Why Will the Anime Change Attack on Titan’s Ending? Eren
Credit: MAPPA

Obviously, it will not work because Eren cannot have a happy ending in Attack on Titan because that is not the point of Hajime Isayama's writing at all.

Imagine seeing Eren survive the Rumbling. What good would it do him to know that he has committed mass genocide, including against his own friends who tried to stop him?

If Eren survives the Rumbling, his life will be even more tragic and devastating.

There are also inconsistencies and differences that show there might be multiple timelines in Attack on Titan that are part of a bigger narrative.

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Attack on Titan Anime-Original Ending Theories

According to the timeline theory, there are three timelines in the series.

The first is known as the "See You Later Timeline," and it depicts Eren and Mikasa living a normal life as seen in Chapter 138.

Eren died in that timeline as a result of Ymir's curse, not because he initiated the Rumbling.

For AOE fans, this so-called "See You Later Timeline" is actually the start of Attack on Titan.

The second is the "Manga Timeline," in which we see memories from other timelines converge.

In the first chapter of the manga, we saw Eren waking up and noticing Mikasa's hair growing longer in the first chapter of the manga, which is a direct continuation of the see you later timeline per se.


The third is the "Anime Timeline," in which Eren is fully aware of his memories from the manga, as shown in the flashback scene done by MAPPA, where many of Eren's memories occurred in the manga and not in the anime.

Attack on Titan Anime Original Ending Theories Eren
Credit: MAPPA

For an instance, Eren's reaction to the paths in the anime differs greatly from the manga because he has probably seen it twice.

To avoid further confusion, AOE suggests that the MAPPA anime will not adapt to the manga's ending because the manga's ending is the anime's beginning story.

This only means that everything is predetermined to be different from the start.

There are also theories about the color inconsistencies in Mikasa's scarf and Eren's jacket, which fans believe are related to the manga timeline overlapping with the anime timeline.

We all know Hajime Isayama is a master of plot twists, and it doesn't help that he was heavily involved in the final season of Attack on Titan with MAPPA.


This is just one of the many reasons AOE fans believe the Attack on Titan anime is a direct sequel to the original manga.

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So, Will Attack on Titan’s Ending Change in the Anime?

For the time being, it is difficult to predict whether the Attack on Titan anime will have a different ending, but there is still a good chance that it will.

We can't dismiss these theories because some of them are really good, except for the part where Eren is the father of Historia's baby and will finish the Rumbling so that his family can live peacefully.

It's just another online theory that was extremely amusing to read.


There's also the matter of fans harassing Hajime Isayama and his bad ending. It's a terrible thing for Isayama to go through, but it's unavoidable.

So, Will Attack on Titan’s Ending Change in the Anime? Eren
Credit: MAPPA

If fans put pressure on MAPPA and Isayama to change the anime's ending, that would be the most ridiculous thing ever.

In any case, the anime adaptation has been faithful to the manga, so there's also a good chance they won't deviate from the manga's ending.

Most likely, there will be minor changes to explain a few things, but the main plot of the anime will follow the manga's ending.

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