Is Eren the Father of Historia's Child in Attack on Titan?

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Is Eren the Father of Historia's Child in Attack on Titan? Historia
Credit: Wit Studio
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Attack on Titan returns for another season of relentless action. Yet as the anime draws to a close, many burning questions must be answered, one of which is who fathered Historia's child? Does Eren have something to do with it?

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Who Is the Real Father of Historia's Baby?

Who Is the Real Father of Historia's Baby? Historia
Credit: Wit Studio

It has been quite a while since we last saw Historia in the final season of Attack on Titan.

Historia, although one of the most adored and well-known characters in the series, took a backseat this time and let the others steal the show.

She is no longer the upbeat and vivacious Queen of the Walls; instead, she is a miserable and emotionless pregnant girl.

The last time we saw Historia, she was rocking back and forth, appearing quite pregnant, and a young man in a farmer's outfit was standing right in front of her advising her to take better care of her body.

Everything about her condition is now just a complete mystery. Historia fell pregnant in a short period of time, and it is unknown who the baby's father is.


So, a lot of questions are raised by her predicament, dividing the Attack on Titan fandom.

Who Is the Real Father of Historia's Baby? Farmhisu
Credit: MAPPA

While some people assert that the farmer (Farmer-kun) on Historia's side is the child's genuine father, others reject the theory and assert that Eren is the child's father, much to the anger of Eren x Mikasa shippers.

To support their claim, the Eren is the Father fans presented some arguments that really made a lot of sense.

However, there are also counterarguments to invalidate this claim, most notably from the Mikasa x Eren fanbase and the existence of Farmer-kun.

In your opinion, who do you think is the father?

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The Relationship Between Eren and Historia

The Relationship Between Eren and Historia
Credit: Wit Studio

At this point, we are well aware that Historia and Eren grew close, notably during the anime's Uprising arc.

When the leaders of Paradis Island recommended that Historia eat Zeke Yeager in order to attain the abilities of the Beast Titan, Eren reacted violently.

Eren is adamantly opposed to it because he does not want Historia to serve as a breeding ground for potential Founding Titan heirs.

This allowed us to see how much Eren cares for her, going so far as to intervene to prevent her from making the ultimate sacrifice.

The Relationship Between Eren and Historia
Credit: MAPPA

They also have a lot in common in terms of life experiences and past trauma.

Each of them murdered one of their parents: Eren did so by devouring Grisha, and Historia delivered the fatal blow to Rod Reiss' abnormal titan.

They also have older siblings with opposing viewpoints. These are just some of the reasons why they have such a strong bond.

There were also a few scenes in the anime where we saw Eren act in front of Historia.

Eren and Historia Attack on Titan
Credit: Wit Studio

He would often blush and smile as he watched Historia do some maternal things, just like Reiner.

Who wouldn't want to? She is indeed a sight to behold. Mikasa even made a rage face in one of the episodes when she got in the way of Eren and Historia's intimate moment.

At some point in the manga, Eren even told Historia that she was a wonderful person, making Historia blush in embarrassment.

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The Arguments Linking Eren to Historia's Pregnancy

The Arguments Linking Eren to Historia's Pregnancy
Credit: Wit Studio

As the Attack on Titan manga ended, many theories and assumptions were formed.

Counter-arguments also surfaced since the fandom tried to defend Eren and Mikasa’s relationship.


The first major assumption is concerned with the timeframe between Historia's pregnancy and Eren's mission to Marley. Historia became pregnant just as Eren was leaving for his mission.

She gave birth in the midst of Eren's rumbling 10 months later. In Japan, pregnancy is counted for 10 months rather than the standard 9 months

Notably, Historia lied about her due date, which fueled fan speculation. Yelena even referred to Historia's pregnancy as a gift. Isn't the timing perfect?

In the manga, Historia tells Eren about her desire to have a child. Fans assumed she was implying Eren would be her accomplice in doing the deed.

The Arguments Linking Eren to Historia's Pregnancy Historia
Credit: MAPPA

However, objections were made, claiming that Historia only told Eren about it so she could flee and avoid inheriting the Beast Titan powers.

The second major assumption is Historia's knowledge of Eren's true plan. Take note that Eren's plan was only known to two people: Historia and Floch. This significantly reflects the level of trust between Eren and Historia.


In fact, he even offered to change Historia's memories in order to help her cope with her grief.

Finally, after the rumbling was done, fans assumed that the man holding a baby up in the air symbolized how poetic it is for Eren to bring a child into the free and peaceful world he always desired.

In 2018, Hajime Isayama drew a sketch of what was supposed to be the final manga panel in Attack on Titan, depicting a medium-haired man holding a baby.

Eren Attack on Titan
Credit: MAPPA

"You are now free", said the man, and fans ultimately suspected this was Eren.

Fans are also aware of Isayama's fondness for duality and foreshadowing in the series.

They assumed Eren was the same as his father, Grisha since they both had feelings for someone of royal blood and a regular girl, just like Carla Yeager and Mikasa Ackerman.

Eren, on the other hand, has Historia as the royal-blooded girl, akin to Dina Fritz, and Mikasa as Carla.

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The Relationship Between Historia and Farmer-kun

The Relationship Between Historia and Farmer-kun
Credit: Wit Studio

There are numerous plot holes in the appearance of the young man in farmer's clothing on Historia's side.

Unfortunately, Isayama did not reveal the identity of this local, let alone the details of Historia's pregnancy.


We can't say whether the farmer was relevant or unnecessary because there aren't many details on which to base such speculation.

Nonetheless, in both the anime and manga, this young man is portrayed as Historia's official partner.

He was some sort of childhood friend who had bullied Historia a lot and wanted to make amends by helping Historia's orphanage.

Historia Pregnant Attack on Titan
Credit: MAPPA

We assumed that they grew closer and formed a partnership there.

However, we can't help but speculate about the true score between the two based on Historia's gloomy expression.

She was noticeably stoic and unhappy, the polar opposite of the Historia we remembered. Obviously, this is not the face of someone in love.

Others speculated that Historia only used the man as a scapegoat to postpone her devouring of the Beast Titan.

In case you missed it, FarmHisu is the official name of the ship that connects Farmer-kun and Historia.

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So, Did Eren Get Historia Pregnant?

Credit: Wit Studio

Officially, Hajime Isayama did not reveal any more details about Historia’s pregnancy. It is safe to assume that Farmer-kun is the lucky guy that knocked up our goddess. So much for being a bully!


A lot of people recognize this as a fact as well. If we are basing our story on the narrative built by Isayama about Eren and Mikasa, most especially in the last chapter of the Attack on Titan manga, then there is no way that Eren is the father at all.

Whether it is Eren, Farmer-kun, or even Reiner for the heck of it, it is up to you to decide.

The bottom line is, we will always support our Cattle Farming Goddess until the end.

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