Just How Tall is Eren’s Founding Titan?

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Armin Eren Founding Titan Size
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While it feels like Attack on Titan's final season has been around forever, one of its lasting memories will surely be Eren’s Founding Titan, particularly the sheer size of the thing!

When the colossal titans emerge from The Rumbling, Eren’s giant skeletal frame makes those huge monsters appear quite small! That got me thinking, just how big is Eren’s Founding Titan, both in the world of Attack on Titan and compared to our world?


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Why is Eren’s Founding Titan So Big?

We've seen many different titans previously, but nothing with the scale of the Founding Titan.

The defining feature of Eren’s Founding Titan is a massive, snaking spine. This look is because Eren was decapitated by Gabi when he transformed, which caused the spine to grow abnormally so it could reconnect his body.

According to the story’s lore, Ymir Fritz’s original Founding Titan came from her making contact with a spine-like creature. That creature, attaching itself to Ymir, can be seen in her Founding Titan in the form of an external ribcage.

When Eren begins to transform, a similar spine-like creature stretches out from his body to reconnect his head. So, when the transformation is complete, this giant, snaking spine makes up most of his Founding Titan.


In terms of an explanation for his giant size, though, there doesn’t appear to be a definitive answer. It may be that his massive height allows him to overlook his plan from above, or he might be huge as a way of further terrifying the outside world.

Eren’s Founding Titan’s Height

Eren Founding Titan Height Explained

There is no official confirmation on Eren’s full height, but looking at the original manga and comparing it to the Wall Titans, his Founding Titan is surely over 220 metres tall, and could even be over 400 metres!

As it has never been confirmed, the best we can do is compare the Founding Titan’s height to the height of the Wall Titans that he marches with.

Wall Titans are confirmed to be roughly 55-60 metres tall, and depending on the angle of various images, Eren’s Founding Titan can be anything from four to seven times their height.

Therefore, the potential height range for Eren’s Founding Titan is anything from 220 metres all the way to 420 metres!


Eren’s Founding Titan’s Length

Eren Founding Titan Spine Length Explained

The Founding Titan’s height doesn’t even consider what it would be like if he could stand. Because he moves almost like a snake, his length is even more impressive.

Unfortunately, there is not one official image that conclusively shows both the front and 'tail' of the Founding Titan, such is its incredible length.

Because Eren’s Founding Titan is so large and often surrounded by smoke, it is impossible to accurately guess.

Eren’s Founding Titan Height Comparison

Attack on Titan Rumbling Founding Titan Size Comparison

The nightmarish Founding Titan rises over everything in Attack on Titan, but given its medieval-inspired setting, that might be expected.

What about if the Founding Titan appeared in our modern world? Just how big is it compared to some of our landmarks? Here's a table for reference:

Landmark/Titan Height (metres)
Great Pyramid of Giza138.8
Statue of Unity, India182
Founding Titan (low estimate)220
Empire State Building (excluding antenna)380
Founding Titan (high estimate)420
Tokyo Skytree634

To summarise, even at the lowest estimation, Eren's Founding Titan is taller than the current tallest statue in the world (India's Statue of Unity). At the highest estimation, the monster would be taller than the Empire State Building!

Just imagine a Founding Titan taller than the Empire State Building slinking across the sea towards the New York coastline, for a second...

Whichever way you look at it, that is one big titan! Hopefully, this gives some more context to what horror people will be feeling in Attack on Titan: The Final Season Part 3.

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