Attack on Titan: 7 Things You Should Know About The Rumbling

Credit: MAPPA

Credit: MAPPA

The Rumbling is finally here and so are we. Although the next episode is delayed, we can’t keep mum about the 7 Things You Should Know About The Rumbling in Attack on Titan. In case you missed it, the Rumbling is Eren’s final mission in his catastrophic endeavor for legitimate freedom.

Hajime Isayama’s masterpiece is reaching its climactic finale with the biggest and grandest showdown between Eren’s Founding Titan and the rest of the world. The Rumbling will finally signal the end of an era. After all, it has been 9 long years in the making and all the fans are hanging at the edge of their seats and losing it.

Are you ready for the Rumbling? We have compiled the 7 Things You Should Know About The Rumbling, so sit back and relax!

Heavy spoilers ahead!

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  1. Eren's Telepathy

    As seen in Episode 5 of the Final Season of Attack on Titan Part 2, Eren can communicate with all of the subjects of Ymir through their minds. It is just a fraction of the power he obtained by utilizing the outrageous power of the Founding Titan.

    He introduced himself to all the subjects of Ymir and conveyed his plans to destroy all kinds of lifeforms beyond Paradis Island. Take note that he will exclude those people in Paradis from his horrors because, according to him, it is his hometown.

    Days later, he uses his telepathy to talk to those individuals who are trying to subdue him. He talks to Armin and Mikasa in private and shows them not only how the rumbling will end but also the essential roles that they will play. Afterward, he alters their memories, yet we all know that Mikasa has immunity from Eren’s brainwashing due to her being an Ackerman.

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  2. Millions of Colossal Titans Will March

    The walls will collapse and millions of colossal titans will march to bring nightmares to all the continents of Marley and the rest of the world. Imagine the horror and nightmare it would bring to all those innocent people.

    We all know the devastating powers of a Colossal Titan. It can single-handedly destroy an island in an instant. What more if there are millions of them? It will be a bloodbath.

    According to Willy Tybur, the forthcoming terror of the Colossal Titans will trample all the cities, societies, and ecosystems in the world. In a nutshell, they will flatten the world.

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  3. 80% of the Population Will Be Wiped Out

    The remnants of the Rumbling will amass millions, perhaps billions, of deaths. That is how cataclysmic Eren’s havoc is towards humanity. This is his revenge on all those who oppressed the citizens of Paradis. For Eren, it is payback time!

    For your information, the rumbling will last for four days, and during the event’s course, the population will collapse in all parts of the world, with the exception of Paradis. Humanity and all other lifeforms will be pushed to their imminent death and extinction. If you survive the rumbling, you’re one lucky man.

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  4. Allied Soldiers

    In order to stop Eren and his will, the Marleyan soldiers and the rest of the remaining Scouts will join forces. They will call themselves the Allied Soldiers. Well, they don’t have a choice, to begin with.

    What will their other options be if they don’t cooperate to stop the rumbling? It is an event that calls for unity despite their different beliefs and goals. Hey, they are similar in one thing. Their priority is to put an end to Eren’s plan and save what will be left of humanity.

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  5. Appearance Of Past Titan Shifters

    Ymir Fritz will summon the previous shifters of the nine titans from different periods of time. They will appear from Eren’s humongous body and launch a counterattack against the Allied Soldiers.

    Will the Allied troops be able to get past them and defeat Eren? To be honest, it’s almost impossible for them at this moment. What they will need are unlimited prayers and a fighting spirit to put an end to the rumbling.

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  6. Inevitable Deaths

    Bummer, right? Who will die among our beloved characters and join those who are already at peace?

    I hate to say this, but at this point, I believe everyone already knows it. Hence, I’m not going to stop myself from typing the next sentence. The casualties will be Eren Yeager, Zeke Yeager, and Hange Zoe. I believe we’re so used to the death of our favorite characters from the anime that we’re not even surprised anymore.

    Attack on Titan has always been about shocking deaths, twists, and turns, which actually defines the angst and beauty of Isayama’s masterpiece.

    What do you think? Is it a tragic ending?

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  7. Eren Becomes The Antagonist

    At the start of the series, Eren is clearly portrayed as the protagonist with all of his internal monologues, supporting characters, and his obvious detestation of the Titans. However, at the end of Attack on Titan, he became humanity’s greatest threat.

    He started the Rumbling and killed billions of innocent lives. To be honest, Zeke’s plan is the lesser evil between his and Eren’s. It’s a bit respectful of human rights and, of course, practical. But that’s not what Hajime Isayama enjoys, and we were all aware of that right from the moment we started this anime.

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Attack on Titan is finally closing its doors to everyone as we bid goodbye to the series with Eren’s rumbling. Are you ready to wave your hand, wipe your eyes, and rewatch this epic? Of course not! The fans are not ready, and neither are we.

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