The Biggest Plot Twists in Attack on Titan That Shocked Everyone

Plot Twists in Attack on Titan
Credit: MAPPA

Plot Twists in Attack on Titan
Credit: MAPPA

The end of the Attack on Titan anime is now in sight, as Final Season Part 4 closes the curtain on Eren Yeager’s fight for true freedom. In this article, we look back on the biggest plot twists in Attack on Titan that have become game-changers in the show’s epic history.

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How Effective Are Attack on Titan's Plot Twists?

How Effective Are Attack on Titan's Plot Twists?
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Credit: MAPPA

As much as we like to predict and speculate about the future events in the series, the anime managed to surprise viewers in ways nobody could have imagined effectively.

Attack on Titan’s major plot twists always break the internet because of their dramatic revelations.

To this day, people are still talking about these revelations since nobody saw them coming.

Are you one of us? Did you also get goosebumps whenever the anime revealed something major? If so, then welcome to the club. We all should be friends.

  1. The Day Eren Becomes a Titan

    In the first season of the anime, Eren vows to exterminate all titans in the world. This is because he is furious about the death of his mother, Carla Yeager.

    He is also mad at himself for being weak and not having done anything to protect his mother.

    Eren grew up and joined the Survey Corps with Mikasa and Armin and during the Battle for the Trost arc, Eren is eaten by a titan.

    Armin and Mikasa thought that he had already died because that’s just how it is in the anime.

    However, Eren managed to awaken his titan powers by questioning his actions, weaknesses, and limitations in life. He then transformed into the Attack Titan.

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  2. The Existence of Titans Inside the Walls

    At the end of Season 1, it was revealed that there were Titans in the walls that protected humanity for thousands of years.

    The truth behind it is that Karl Fritz, the 145th King of Eldia, used his Founding Titan powers to create the walls of Paradis with Colossal Titans.

    He started the civilization inside the walls and erased everyone’s memories.

  3. The Jaw Titan Is Ymir

    In Episode 4 of Season 2, we were surprised as Ymir, transformed into the Jaw Titan after Krista (Historia), Reiner, Bertolt, and the rest of the scout regiment were trapped in the Utgard castle in the forest.

    They were attacked by a horde of Titans controlled by the Beast Titan (Zeke Yeager).

    Knowing that Krista’s life would be in danger, Ymir transformed into the Jaw Titan, which also surprised Bertolt and Reiner.

    Bertolt and Reiner, as Marleyan soldiers, realized that Ymir was the titan who ate their comrade, Marcel Galliard, on their way to Paradis.

    Marcel was the original Jaw Titan, but Ymir inherited his titan powers after devouring him.

  4. The True King of the Walls Is Rod Reiss

    In the Uprising arc, we found out that the charismatic and apathetic King shown in the first few episodes of the anime was just an actor who covered for the real ruler of the walls, Rod Reiss.

    It was exposed during the coup d’etat staged by the military, with Erwin Smith on the frontline. How well he acted!

    He deceived the fans with that intimidating and intriguing pose!

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  5. The Female Titan Is Annie

    In the second season of the anime, the Female Titan goes on a rampage and kills a lot of soldiers.

    She was unstoppable, to the point that Eren lost to her, Levi hurt his leg, and Mikasa was in berserk mode.

    However, it was later revealed that Annie Leonhart was the Female Titan due to the speculations of Eren and Armin.

    There are a lot of hints and foreshadowing in the series pointing to Annie’s secret.

    The Female Titan has the same fighting style as Annie, her features, and her attitude towards the Survey Corps, especially Armin.

  6. The Real Name of Krista Lenz Is Historia Reiss

    Krista Lenz, the young moe blonde whom everyone loves, is a very vital character in Attack on Titan.

    No one expected her to be so essential to the narrative because of her personality, which greatly surprised the fans.

    Krista is the last remaining daughter of Rod Reiss, the true king of the walls and of royal blood, who can use the powers of the Founding Titan.

    She was later known as Historia Reiss.

  7. The Royal Family Was Slaughtered by Grisha Yeager

    Eren, upon making contact with Historia by kissing her hand, saw the memories of the inheritors of the Attack Titan, including his father, Grisha Yeager.

    It was revealed that Grisha injected the titan serum into Eren and, later on, passed the powers of both the Founding and Attack Titan to his son.

    Grisha murdered the Reiss family, including Frieda Reiss to save humanity.

  8. The Titan Transformation of Bertolt and Reiner

    This is one of the most heartbreaking moments for Eren and the rest of the Survey Corps.

    The two warriors, Bertolt and Reiner, were humanity’s greatest enemies. They started everything that transpired in the first season of the anime.

    Although there are a lot of hints and foreshadowing in the anime, it was still a sight to behold when both of them transformed and finally revealed themselves to Eren and the rest of the Survey Corps.

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  9. The Existence of Marleyans

    Perhaps this was one of the biggest plot revelations in the anime. We were not ready for this information at all!

    We thought that we knew everything in the anime, but here comes Isayama, bombing us about the existence of people outside the walls.

    The reality is that the Marleyans inject titan serum into people and force them to become titans.

    They were sending titans to attack the island of the devils, which they considered their biggest threat in the world.

  10. The Titans Can Talk

    Aside from Mike’s surprise that the Beast Titan could talk, Ilse Langnar first wrote it in her diary. Ilse is one of the soldiers in the 34th Expedition outside the walls.

    She was in charge of the left wing of the second brigade. However, her comrades died, and she was left to wander outside the walls without a horse.

    She decided to return to the inner walls by walking and running through the terrain.

    Unfortunately, Ilse met her doom when she spotted an abnormal titan who began speaking to her, addressing her as Ymir.

  11. The Blood Relation Between Eren and Zeke

    Surprise! The Beast Titan is Zeke Yeager, a warrior of Marley and Eren’s half-brother. He is the son of Grisha and Dina Fritz (of royal blood).

    At times, Zeke appears to be very brotherly, always thinking about saving him and convincing him to take his side.

    Up to the latest episode of the Final Season of Attack on Titan, Zeke plays a very special role in accomplishing Eren’s plan of saving humanity from Titan domination.

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  12. The Smiling Titan Is Dina Fritz

    In the first episode of the first season of the anime, Carla Yeager was eaten by the smiling titan.

    Later, we found out that the Smiling Titan’s identity is Dina Fritz. She was the original wife of Grisha Yeager, who promised him that she would find him no matter what. Star-crossed lovers, eh? Poor Carla.

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  13. The Pregnancy of Historia Reiss

    The details behind Historia’s pregnancy remain a mystery to this day. No one expected that our Cattle Goddess would have a baby sooner than we expected.

    As a result, a lot of fans speculated on who might be Historia’s partner. Is he Farmer-kun, Eren, Reiner, or someone else? Just kidding!

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  14. The Spinal Fluid That Can Turn Anyone Into a Titan

    Zeke Yeager came over to Paradis to voluntarily be held hostage by the military.

    He was taken under the eyes of humanity’s strongest soldier, Levi Ackerman. However, Zeke has a different plan in mind.

    He has injected his spinal fluid into the wine bottles prepared for the military forces of Paradis.

    As a result, Zeke turned these soldiers into mindless titans. Once Zeke screams, those who drank from these wine bottles will be turned into titans.

    Unfortunately, Dot Pixis and Nile Dawk succumbed to his powers. It is a good thing that Levi did not take a sip!

  15. The Reverse Card of Eren Yeager

    This is the biggest plot twist of all the seasons of Attack on Titan. Eren manipulates the events leading to the Rumbling.

    He used the abilities of the Attack Titan to guide Grisha and Zeke in accomplishing his master plan for humanity’s freedom.

    This plot revelation changed the whole narrative of the story from Season 1 of the anime. God-tier story writing, eh, Hajime Isayama?

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