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Moon Knight: New Teaser Confirms Mr. Knight's Character is Officially Retconned in the MCU

Warning! This article contains spoilers for Moon Knight! Read at your own risk!

Moon Knight Episode 2, Summon the Suit, finally introduced Mr. Knight into the fun bunch of characters in the series but many were curious on whether there is a change in his persona as he seems to be different than that in the comics and with a new teaser, a clip that gives basic information about Steven Grant, officially confirms that he is retconned in the MCU.

The new clip is a Marvel 101 where the characters get an introduction as to who they are and what they do and the most recent among them is Steven Grant. A mild-mannered museum gift shop employee, Steven gets his very own introductory video and when it came to the part where Marc is revealed to be Khonshu’s avatar, the video confirms everyone’s question on Mr. Knight.

In the clip, it says, “Complementing Marc’s superhero mantle as Moon Knight, Steven is bestowed with the superhero moniker Mr. Knight when thrust into action as Khonshu’s avatar.” Lo and behold, Mr. Knight is not a separate persona anymore but he is now the superhero version of Steven when he is fighting the baddies.

Those who read the comics would know that Mr. Knight is one of the many personas of Marc, possibly the closest to Moon Knight as a hero and it is easy to recognize Mr. Knight with his exquisite taste in suits and fancy looking façade who is hyper in all aspects – confidence, intelligence, name it, he is even considered the best persona of Marc Spector.

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A fan-favorite of those who read the comics, Mr. Knight is not a fan of being a traditional superhero who is highly skilled when it comes to hand-to-hand combat but what makes him lethal is his intelligence, something like a detective of sorts, much grounded than Marc, working with the police to solve crimes.

The series, however, changes his character from being a separate persona to the alter-ego of Steven when he is a superhero, that is a lot different than what is in the comics and while this may not sit well with some fans as one of the coolest personas of the titular character gets subdued, well, Mr. Knight in the MCU will now be the superhero version of the “giftshoppist,” a mere alter-ego instead of a separate persona.

As for Steven, having Mr. Knight as his alter-ego would surely give him confidence in himself better than ever now that he has his very own superhero counterpart when thrust into action.

Moon Knight Episode 3 streams tomorrow at 3 AM EST on Disney Plus.

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