Moon Knight Episode 2: How Did Marc Spector Become Connected to Khonshu?

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Warning! This article contains spoilers for Moon Knight! Read at your own risk!

While Steven Grant seems to remain baffled with everything that is happening around him, Marc Spector knows all the nitty-gritty details of what they are about to face and with his connection to Khonshu, the Egyptian god of the moon, they are on a mission to stop Arthur Harrow from his devious plan. Moon Knight Episode 2 might have just expounded on how the two met and became connected.

Moon Knight Episode 2: How Did Marc Spector Become Connected to Khonshu?

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Moon Knight Episode 2, Summon the Suit, is a clearer picture of what Steven Grant would be dealing with having Marc Spector, the “American man inside” him, and Khonshu, the Egyptian god of the moon, continuously bickering around him and treating him like a child trying to take the body away from them when he gains control of it.

In the episode, Marc explains to Steven that he is the servant of Khonshu, the avatar of the Egyptian god of the moon, and while Steven called it as the stupidest thing he has ever heard, it is the only explanation he could have given all the weirdness of the situation he is in, the main reason why he keeps losing track of days and gets memories and nightmares about sinister things happening.

By the end of Episode 2, Steven finally gave in to Marc’s request of letting him be in control of the body because both of them want the same thing: not to hurt anyone else in the process. After that, Steven realized what it is like to be the persona sidelined and he couldn’t do it because the one in control of the body is stronger.

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Steven blames Marc for everything that he lost, even calling marc a parasite. Marc promises him that after his debts are paid, Steven can have the body back without seeing him again. However, later, Khonshu tells Marc that Steven has become a liability and that Marc changed their agreement. Khonshu expresses his disinterest on Steven since day one but Marc sees Steven as something else.

Khonshu reveals that Marc was a lifeless body when he found him, even mocked him for trying to think he own the body he is in. Khonshu tells him that the body is his then consoles him by saying that he is worth protecting. However, this retracts when Khonshu keeps Marc hostage by saying that if the go separate ways, Marc would not like who the next avatar would be, pertaining to Layla.


In the comics, Marc Spector was about to die when he was taken to a tomb for shelter. It turns out said place has a statue of Khonshu, the Egyptian god of the moon, that when he momentarily died, Khonshu revived him without any injuries nor wound. From then, he became Moon Knight.

Moon Knight Episode 2 is now streaming on Disney Plus.

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