Moon Knight Episode 2 Ending Explained

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Warning! This article contains spoilers for Moon Knight! Read at your own risk!

As Steven Grant ventures into the unknown inside him, he discovers an awful lot of things and it is slowly becoming apparent why he and Marc would not get along. Moon Knight Episode 2 continues to set up the whole season and clues are dropped one after another as to how big the trouble is waiting for everyone. Here is what happened at the end of the run, explained.

Moon Knight Episode 2 Ending Explained

Moon Knight Episode 2 Ending Explained
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Credit: Marvel Studios
Moon Knight Episode 2 Ending Explained

Moon Knight Episode 2, Summon the Suit, keeps the pace going as it sets up what the story has in store for the series and Steven grant still gets a hard time wrapping his mind around things while Marc remains unfazed by the weirdness of the events, he, too, struggles with Steven not giving up control over the body they share.

As trouble arises and with Layla involved having Harrow and his cronies vying for the scarab, Harrow summons a jackal from his cane, one he claims to have a sliver of Ammit’s power, and when it starts chasing them, even when Layla pushes Steven to summon the suit, he seems unprepared for the assignment and he summons a dapper white suit, a different one, and Marc calls it the psychotic Colonel Sanders.

Trying to be the hero and fighting the jackal only he can see, Steven does his best to keep Layla safe, one he definitely failed at. For the civilians, Steven looked like a fancy drunkard in his white suit but as soon as Marc made him realize that others are about to be hurt by the jackal, Steven finally gives up control and let Marc took over, a mistake he would probably realize later on but could also understand why is that so.

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Marc, as the Moon Knight, drew the jackal away from the people and successfully kills it as he impaled it to a monument. Steven found out that Marc would not give up control over their body and Marc tells him that whoever gets control of the body is stronger than the one kept at bay. Steven remains inside, subsided, and Marc gets a talk with Khonshu.

Khonshu sees Steven as a problem Marc can’t handle but it turns out Marc defends Steven from Khonshu. Like his promise to Steven, Marc wants his mission with Khonshu to be over so he could finally give the body to Steven. Khonshu seems to have Marc wrapped around his bony little finger as he keeps him hostage for resurrecting him and threatening him to take Layla as his next avatar. Khonshu takes Marc to Egypt where the pyramids are on the horizon.

See, the problem here is misunderstanding. With Steven having little to no knowledge of what Marc is into, he could not just give up the body so easily to him when needed. From Marc's actions, in his defense, it could be inferred that the less Steven knows, the better, as if he is preserving Steven and keeping him safe from the atrocities that he has with Khonshu.

Could it be that Marc is saving Steven for himself, for a future he wishes of, a normal life? Steven’s life is too boring, too normal, unlike his that are full of blood and pain. From this, Steven is Marc’s endgame, the part of him that wishes life could be back to where it used to be, before all the violence he had to go through, but will Marc ever be freed from the shackles of Khonshu?


Moon Knight Episode 2 is now streaming on Disney Plus.

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